Should there be a complete ban on smoking tobacco?

  • It only takes one cigarette to become hooked....

    I've been smoking for over 20 years and thought I could quit whenever not realizing that actually that first cigarette made me hooked & what do you think I've got from it in that time....Absolute nothing apart from I smell, they taste horrible & I'm slowly poising myself. Yes everything in this world causes some sort of illness or is bad for you but actually saying you enjoy putting something in your mouth & inhaling dangerous chemicals for pleasure.....Don't be a fool, open your eyes governments are making billions a year on your suffering under the most addictive drug on this planet...It only takes one cigarette to become hooked....I've just become free from the slavery and it's amazing I welcome more to join :)

  • No more smoking

    There need to be a complete stop to smoking because i am a child at 11 years old and have seen both my parents smoke and moke even more and my mom smokes till she cant feel a thing then one time my mom got drunk and made me vape all night and im only 11 years old its very sad

  • Harm to others

    If you cannot go around the town knifing people, you shouldn't be allowed to exhaust cancerous smoke around others.
    To say that there is not an alternative to existing smokers, it's completely baseless. There is vaping, which reduces harmful substance by at least 90%, and also nicotine patch, which does not release anything into the air. If UK is to ban petrol cars, tobacco smoking should also be banned and at least be replaced by more environmental friendly alternative as the first step.

  • Smoking should be banned and prohibited completely and totally by 31 December 2017.

    Smoking kills everybody. We want to have clean air and not to dirty the air by causing pollution. Importing and transport of cigarettes and tobaccos into Singapore must be banned and prohibited by 31 December 2017 completely and totally. We also want to protect public health and not breathe in any harmful and toxic substance around us.

  • Smoking should ban by year 2017.

    The smoking should be prohibited totally and completely to protect the public health and to reduce the risk of lung cancer and heart disease.
    Hopefully by reducing the number of cigarettes packs per day will benefit to the healthy air and clean air by no pollution for everybody by 2017.

  • Stop premature death

    This vile habit is painfully killing millions every year. Governments who allow this to continue are complicit in genocide. Tobacco companies have a lot to answer for.Civil liberties groups will complain about people's rights,bah!!! How many adults take up smoking,not many I bet.Their after your kids.Ban it forever,live your life.Don't be a slave to these things.

  • It should definitely be banned!

    What smokers don't seem to understand is, they are not hurting only themselves... They hurt everyone around them! Secondhand smoking is worse than smoking directly!
    Japan used to have a very high life expectancy. It was known as a very healthy country. But this gets worse every year because of smoking.

    Who cares about the industry, or the stupid, selfish smokers... The innocent lives of non-smokers matters more than this.

  • No no no

    Bcuz ya gotta smoke weed ever day of ya kno wot i meen and amoke a weed is good amd make me feel good amirite ayyy lmao y u so med at weeeedddd snoop dog told me to smoke it and it changed me lief 3cever and it is good

  • Yes Please Its BAd

    Its killing the people of this world and I love it but I got to stop it tatses nice so I wont stop ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeee ediodh euhdbek wejdbweodke uwaediebd wbwb sd d e rb y y d wsw ef q sdw eg sad w ew w w wwww ww w

  • It's killing everyone

    Why do we let them gave a choice whether or not they want to smoke. It's bad so don't give them a choice. If I become president I will ban smoking anywhere. If you want to smoke you have to pay an extremely high fee and if anyone sees you do it u will have a choice to either go to jail or go to an extreme addiction center

  • No ban on tobacco

    There should not be a complete ban on smoking tobacco. People should always have a choice when it comes to their own bodies and health. This question is about personal responsibilities, and the responsibilities people have to society. Smokers may choose to harm their own health, but should not be allowed to affect others with their choice. Smokers should also be willing to pay the high costs, should they acquire health problems from their habit.

  • No more "drug war."

    Banning tobacco would be simply expanding the already ill-conceived "war on drugs." It would create a thriving black market, and waste millions of dollars in enforcement of another pointless ban. Millions more would be wasted in litigation with tobacco companies who would not stand by and let their source of revenue be destroyed. Although it might be healthier for individuals to ban tobacco, it would not be healthier for society.

  • Although its not healthy, we should have a choice.

    America is about freedom, as i always say, so the people must have freedom. If you want to smoke cigarettes, despite the numerous health risks, you should go ahead and do so, because you have the ability to exercise that personal freedom. If we banned them, it would lead to so many arrests for the people that cant quit smoking.

  • Personal freedom is important

    Putting a ban on smoking tobacco is a violation of our freedom of choice. Yes, we all know smoking is unhealthy, but it should be up to each individual whether or not they are willing to take that risk with their health. If we put a ban on smoking, we might as well ban all fatty and high sugar foods as well, because those things are also hazardous to our health. Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions about what they will and will not put into their bodies based on t information available to them. Also, if smoking were banned, people would still do it and then, we would be wasting valuable resources prosecuting people for it rather than focusing on the more serious crimes in society.

  • Needs of long term smokers

    It is undeniable that smoking tobacco can cause health problems, such as lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, miscarriage and asthma, for both smokers and non-smokers. However, it is not easy for long-term smokers, like elderly to stop their habits, or even routine. Therefore, if the government has already set up restricted zones for smoking and measures, such as fine the smokers who smoke in public areas. It is enough.

  • No no no

    Bcuz ya gotta smoke weed ever day of ya kno wot i meen and amoke a weed is good amd make me feel good amirite ayyy lmao y u so med at weeeedddd snoop dog told me to smoke it and it changed me lief 3cever and it is good

  • Think of money

    Banning cigarettes would be a huge impact on the whole country the government doesn't want to ban a product that help save our economy. We gain tons of money from cigarettes alone, banning it we will lose millions of Dollar, chaos, disaster our whole economy will fall rock bottom leaving NOTHING behind. Our dollar would go down forced to live in a divided society between the rich and the poor is that what you want for a country. A country just like the hunger games were people starve to death, die from no money a corrupted society and a DICTATOR come on don't ban cigarettes it's bad for the economy.

  • Leave tobacco alone!

    People say tobacco is bad, but so are a ton of things. Do you really think that you can die from tobacco alone? Let see there is alcohol, radiation from cell phones, MGO which is in your food now, pollution and lets not forget about genetics. I think many folks go after the obvious things. But thats like saying we need to cure Ebola when the Flu kills way more people every year. By the way energy drinks are bad for you as well, but I see people drinking those by the ton.

  • No there should not be a complete ban.

    Since adults know the risk of smoking tobacco there should not be a complete ban on it. It is there own choice to smoke a cigarette, knowing that they will most likely become hooked, and it is in there right to be allowed to smoke one if they choose to do so.

  • Why do that?

    I'm 25 and if I wanna do something dangerous thats up to me. I'm putting my life in danger and its my choice. I like to breathe that unhealthy smoke. Its fun and I'm addicted to cigarettes. Plus so many people would lose there jobs if they banned smokeing cigarettes.

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