• Defund small town departments.

    Every police department in the country should have funds cut. Especially the small town police departments. Small town residents tax dollars. Are being used to pay police officers to sit in their cars for hours looking for speeders. Also they receive almost their whole salary when they retire cut their pension plans. Disability plans need to be reworked also. We have many officers who go out on disability for non life threatening and never return to work, Now tax payers are stuck paying for them to sit at home all day. So yes we need to cut funding for police forces. But remember defund doesn't mean abolish.

  • The Funding to police forces should not be cut

    The police force is set up as a means of law enforcement and ensuring that individuals who violate the law are held accountable for their actions. A cut in the funding for the police force would mean that there would be a need to reduce the number of police officers available as well as their pay rates would be reduced. This reduction will encourage lawlessness because there will be the lack of police available to deter this behavior.

  • No, there should not be a cut to the funding of police forces.

    From what I've seen in recent years, it looks like police officers make about 38,000 annually as an entry level officer. This is a good salary to start off, better than a lot of other career choices. Obviously the salary increases along with additional ranks (promotions), but it is always a reasonable amount of money. Police officers are people who have normal day-to-day costs too. They're fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons. As fathers and mothers, they need to be able to support their family. Right now, their salaries seem to be an amount that is able to support a family on a restricted lifestyle (living cheaply). Another point is that turnover in the police force is high, meaning that people quit from that field often, probably due to the stress of the job itself. This means that the majority of the police force is in the lower ranks of police officers, the ranks with the lowest salaries. In conclusion, I don't think that the police force makes enough money to be considering a budget cut.

  • No, the police are vital to society.

    I think a basic fundamental of life that makes living in this crowded world bearable is the rule of law. Without the rule of law, society would quickly descend into anarchy. Funding the police force is as vital to society as health care and schooling, and should not be cut to the detriment of its ability to function.

  • No, I don't think there should be cuts to the funding of police forces.

    I believe that the police force provides a very valuable and important job to their local community, I think there is always room for them to efficientize themselves so taxpayers are getting the best bang for their buck but I don't agree that cuts of any kind are needed to this vital service.

  • Do not cut the police

    Police forces around the country should not see cuts to their funding. They already face headwinds to their budgets since many cities and counties are having a tough time with their budgets. The police and fire departments are two of the most crucial departments to fund properly. Cuts should be made to other things first.

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