• They made there choice to become a murder.

    In many cases people kill because of hate. And in many cases people kill for fun. These criminals should be punished. They had there chance and they choice to kill. There punishment should be there life. Every murder should be sent to death. These criminals should not be forgiven like I said earlier they made there choice.

  • Yes there should be

    Yes because if there was a death penalty in place there would be less murder/rape etc. happening. There would be higher consequences at stake and would make them think twice about doing it. If they do carry out murder or rape then does that even make them human anymore? You say every life should be treasured but if they were released back into society wouldn't they just kill again because if they've done it once then it's simply within their nature and capability to do it again. Bottom line is it would prevent a lot of this stuff happening as they would think more of the consequences. Prison really is not that bad nowadays, heck, you're fed, cleaned up after, gets to play the xbox for crying out loud.

  • In certain situations.

    I'm going to give you an example of a society without a death penalty. There was this guy in Canada names Vince Li who was on a bus. All of a sudden, he snapped, pulled out a hunters knife and carved the head off of the guy next to him. If that wasn't enough, he took bites out of the dude. He was tried as not guilty by reason of insanity. Four years after this, he was granted supervised visits out of his mental hospital. This is a situation where I would give him the death penalty. I mean, if a dog decides to take a bite out of a guy, we'd put it down. The same doesn't apply to a man who chopped a dudes head off and eat parts of it? Now, there are some arguments against the death penalty, all of which are BS.

    1. What if the guy's innocent?
    2. It's to a deterrent.
    3. God should be the one to decide who lives & dies.

    Now I'm going to counter those.

    (1) Okay sure, if it's a situation where the evidence is flimsy, don't give him the death penalty. But in a case where there's eye witnesses & video confirming said witnesses- like Vince Li - you can sentence their life.

    (2) I don't care if it's not a deterrent. It'll stop THEM from being a threat, which is enough for me.

    (3) Okay, even if ol Spaceman Spiff really is up there, I'm sure he doesn't give a crap about humans more than say, a praying mantis.

  • Yes

    the death penalty until about 100 years ago was in effect on a daily basis if you kill an innocent person you will be killed for your crime that was how it worked all you need is a rope and a platform this is how it was and this is how it should be

  • Death penalty

    Yes, there should definitely still be the death penalty. Imagine someone murdering your loved one for no reason. Should that person just sit in jail fully fed, entertained, and alive, while you have to suffer and your loved one had to suffer. Death penalty should definitely still be used when proven guilty of murder.

  • Its what they deserve

    They should know what is right and wrong and should be held responsible for their own action upon another human being. The deserve what is given to them because what gives them the right to take a life, they should be able to feel the pain that they have brought upon another person that was innocent, unlike them they are not an innocent person know longer. They knew what might have happened if they killed an innocent person so let them get what they asked for.

  • Death penalty does a lot of good

    There should definitely be a death penalty in the US. . There are certain crimes that should not be forgiven. There are criminals who are so bad that we should not be using hard earned tax money to keep then in prison for the rest of their lives. If you have a problem with the death penalty don't commit the crimes.

  • It is definitely necessary

    People should atone for their sins - if they kill another human being they should receive the same punishment. History has proven that rehabilitation is futile and many criminals released from prison still commits atrocities like killing other people - isn't it unfair for the victim as well?

    In my opinion there should be an option to put those people down as redemption.

  • Death Penalty Today

    Why would you want our tax paying dollars to go towards these cowards who commit such a harsh crime? I know if someone was murdered in my family, the first thing I would want for the murderer is to be killed and off of this planet. This is something every state needs to look into.

  • Out of misery

    There was one case where one man was convicted of a crime and sentenced to life in prison. 50 years later, when the convict was in his mid 70's they found out that he was falsely accused and found the real convict. However, when they let him out, what was he supposed to do? All his life was gone, his wife left him because they thought he did it, his job was taken, and his entire life was over. It would have been easier to just put him out of his misery than to do this

  • The Death Penalty Stops Hearts

    No one was able to stop his murder. They tried. However, despite advocates’ pleas, an innocent man named Troy Davis still suffers in the bowls of death row. This is just one of many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished.The death penalty should be outlawed because it is excessively expensive, it is an ineffective deterrent, and despite opponents’ claims that the guiltless are not murdered, capital punishment executes many innocent people.
    To start, capital punishment is very costly. In the article, “The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished,” John W. Whitehead, a lawyer, writer, and founder of a civil liberties society, states that eliminating capital punishment “costs the state a great deal of money.” Explaining this fact, Whitefield reports that studies show that states which have ratified the death penalty “spend 48% to 300% more prosecuting cases” than states that have abolished capital punishment. The money saved by public works could be put to much better use, Whitefield claims, by lowering already soaring taxes, decreasing poverty, and protecting vulnerable children. In the state of North Carolina alone, it takes a whopper of at least $2 million dollars “to execute just one person” (Whitefield). Citizens’ money should not be wasted on killing people, but on preventing injustice from happening in the first place.
    Besides capital punishment being expensive, also it is ineffective. In his article, “Death Penalty Is Dead Wrong: It’s Time to Outlaw Capital Punishment in America—Completely,” previous New York governor, Mario M. Cuomo, recounts his own personal experience with the failures of the death penalty. Describing how inmates would rather experience a relatively quick death than spend a whole life in prison,Cuomo recalls a note given to him by an inmate before the prisoner’s execution. It wrote, ‘“T ell Governor Cuomo I would rather be executed than to serve life behind bars”’ (Cuomo). Additionally, attorney, author, and founder, John Whitehead, brings further evidence expressing that “67% of police chiefs do not believe that the

  • There should not be a death penalty.

    There are several different reasons why the death penalty should be banned. But the most prominent and important reason is the fact that innocent people are convicted and then put to death for something they never even dreamed of doing. As a matter of fact there have been over 100 people who had once been put on death row that are now proven innocent sense the 1960's.
    However even if that was not the case, restorative justice would be much more efficient and less costly. It would give the ones who are rightly convicted the opportunity to change and at least give them opportunity to begin making up for what they did wrong.
    In conclusion, for those who have been personally hurt by someone deserving the death penalty, wouldn't it be better to see that person change their life around for the good rather than be killed in similar fashion to your loved one? Weather one's life is taken should never be based on one's emotions. It should be based upon prudence, understanding, and wisdom.

  • Death penalty, no more!

    No one in this world has the right to take another persons life. Not only that but there have been many cases where an innocent person has been executed over a crime they did not even commit. Death is a quick way out of a crime instead they should rot in hell

  • Definitely no to death penalty

    Life is a privilege given to each and every one of us. Not all killers are psychopaths who kill for no reason. Most may have reasons that even you yessers would agree to. Everyone deserves a second chance. If we kill these criminals, what good would that do, revenge? Closure? If you say it's just to prevent future crimes, well, hell, that's what's a prison is for. You complain about the prisons these days being entertainment, that's a different issue you're bringing in. We're talking about taking the lives of people who may or may not be guilty.

  • Murder by society

    If we kill the killers then we become the killers. Also, there are proven cases of innocent people being executed. You can't take the risk of executing someone who's innocent. Also, as a society, we are then sending the message that it is ok to take a life if "someone deserves it."

  • Put Yourself In Their Position

    Seriously, guys?
    If you were a INNOCENT person, who was being charged of the crime of murder, what would YOU feel????????? I'm probably guessing that you people out there would say, "There should be no death penalty! I'm going to die!" Well, who cares? THAT'S WHAT YOOU THINK. EVERYBODY DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE!!!!!!!

    Even you yessers, I'm sad to say.

  • Expenditure on prisoners

    The average expenditure on per prisoner per year is Rs 60,000-70,000. In India there are many people who are deprived of education, they are poor,don't get two square meals a day,don't have proper shelter and the basic materials needed for a basic livelihood instead of spending a huge amount of money on them it could be easily spend on the upliftment of the poor.

  • Why make people suffer

    What if someone is innocent? You would kill them for nothing. Someone might take evidence and make it look like they did something. Prison is a worthy punishment, but why death? .... I don't see why? The population will go down. It's just wrong. People usually get framed. You would be mad if your family member died for nothing.

  • No one is perfect.

    No one has the right to condemn one's sin and deeds, for no one is perfect. There are laws that deal with the punishment for their deeds (except death penalty) in order to maintain a more peaceful world. This is different from signing someone's death because we are not God. We cannot give life, so we cannot take life away either. Our imperfection leads to unjust/unfair judgments. If we kill a person for killing another person, we are no better than the one who is being punished.

  • Whats The Point!!!

    Even if people out there know there is a death penalty there are still crimes being committed every day. I do not see the purpose of the death penalty. I just see it as the government committing murder itself by killing people in prison. Therefore to me is a waste of money and time.

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