• Jaywalking kills people

    Every time someone jaywalks they are putting their life at risk. The easy solution is to simply remove the people from the equation entirely. Yes, It may seem a little harsh, But I can assure you jaywalking deaths will plummet! If you vote no, You are telling people you don't care about their lives, And you should receive the death penalty as well.

  • The death penalty for jaywalking must be in place

    Yes there should be a death penalty for jaywalking because why not we have to put death penalty for jaywalking this way we won't have as many road deaths so we are basically stopping people from getting killed by putting the death penalty from jaywalking across the road only to get run over

  • The penalty doesn't match the offense

    To kill someone over jaywalking is simply ridiculous. The crosswalk should simply be a guide with no penalty incurred for breaking it. We live in too much of an authoritarian society and need to rethink how we enforce laws. Did you know that pedestrians used to have the right of way, With priority over drivers? Big industry got their way like always and the pedestrian gets run over in more ways than one.

  • Jaywalking is not a serious offense

    Many people who commit murder do not receive the death penalty. However, Murder is one of the most serious offenses if not the most serious. Jaywalking hardly compares to bank robbing, Much less murder. If a jaywalker can receive the death penalty, Then anyone for any crime can as well.

  • Jaywalking is a systemic issue on the part of cities

    If a person has to jaywalk its because the city planners haven't been effective. The entire experience of walking down the street should tailor itself to getting people where they want to be while minimizing contact with drivers.

    Aside from that, Why does it really matter. Pedestrians should always have the right of way. Lazy people in their death machines who don't have the patience to sit there and wait for people to cross, Jail is a fitting place for them.

  • What the f**k?

    Of course not half the people who need to "jaywalk" are late to work, Late to school or doing something they need to attend if there's people jaywalking it most likely means there's not enough f***ing cross walks or the cross walks are just in dumb places, For example my school has two crosswalks in just about the same spot and no where else, People NEED to jaywalk to even get around our neighborhood, This is stupid jaywalking should not be a death penalty

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