• For those who live to kill others:

    The Death Sentence should be rare, it should be exceedingly rare, but it needs to exist. There are indeed humans who cross the lines of whether or not morality exists into a state of absolute "evil" which cannot be quenched; they devote their entire lives to the undoing of other's lives regardless of their innocence. For them, death is the only solace and salvation for everyone else.

  • Yes, but only in extreme cases.

    I think the death penalty should not be used in every murder, not even in every planned murder. But when someone has planned to kill this random, innocent person, and they torture then mercilessly, yes, I think they deserve the death penalty. It's the only logical response to this horrible crime.

  • It's the most effective deterrent.

    Let's face the facts here. Many violent crimes, including murder, are committed by repeat offenders. The reason I said it's an effective deterrent? When's the last time you've seen someone, who's been executed, commit another murder? I look at it as a form of self defense. Some people deserve to die.

  • For those deserving...

    People who have taken it upon themselves to appoint themselves judge, jury, and executioner, the capital punishment is necessary. Although I know it is difficult to decide who should be executed, and under which circumstances, people must be punished for the crimes they commit. Those willing to kill others, must be prepared to die.

  • Justice requires it..

    I fully support capital punishment for particularly heinous crimes like cold-blooded murder. To respond to the only argument on the other side thus far, when individual members of society take it upon themselves to perpetrate brutal and irrevocable crimes like murder...Just requires a punishment fitting the crime. When you take life, you forfeit your own life. Suspending death for such a crime devalues the victim or often never considered in these debates.

  • Make crime a crime

    Lets make crime go away. If a person is convicted of a crime, without any doubt, that requires a sentence in prison they should be punished. I agree they should have rights, but lets do this. Every morning starting at 5AM they are taken one by one and beaten with a salted whip. This would open the eyes of a stupid bad ass and make them walk a straight line.

  • No Death Penalty

    I take this position, not out of me immense respect for the sanctity of human life, but because of it's impracticality.

    - The death penalty has been proven not to deter crime. "Nationally, murder rates are significantly lower in states that don’t use the death penalty than in those with a death penalty statute"(1).

    - Secondly, I do not trust our system enough to literally bet lives upon it. There is an inevitability of error and, in any system that imposes a death penalty, there will be innocent people executed. According to a study by Samuel Gross, of the University of Michigan, at least 4% of all people who recieve the death penalty are innocent. FYI, that is hundreds of people. Is it worth it?


  • There should not be a death sentence.

    If people kill others, then just lock them up in jail for life and let them go when they are ready. Death sentence is trying to be yourself a criminal. Don't kill. Just let people live. Life exists for a reason. The reason is so that the world can be happy and nice.

  • We are just humans.

    There should not be a death sentence. We are all humans. We all make mistakes. At the past, i want the death sentence to be allowed but I realized it's God who should judge each one of us and Let him make the consequence each one of us. Lastly, it will not make you happy either.

    Posted by: Dyob
  • How we do it now? No.

    This issue comes down to money for me, rule of law dictates justice whether it be imprisonment, service hours, or if their crimes be too heinous, death. So you must then look at how much damage to society will come from their sentence. Currently it cost more money to execute someone (in the US) then it does to imprison them for life(1). So it is a simple answer it cost society less to just imprison them.
    However: If the process was more stream lined, with less appeal courts and hiccups so that it cost less than life-time incarceration, I would support the death penalty.
    -It is a simple cost benefit: Seeking the death penalty means you know they're guilty and almost always that the prosecution can prove it. So even if we don't kill him he goes to jail from the rest of his life, he can no longer contribute to the economic or social prosperity of society. That individual has zero production value to society, he is now an anchor leeching off society's money. Money that should be going back into our infrastructure, our schools, our roads, our people, our economy. So what is best for society?

  • The Death Sentence Should not be allowed

    The death sentence should not exist at all because no one has the right to decide that someone should deserve to die. Everyone has the right to live because life is very valuable, even if they are a murderer, and it's not like using the death sentence will deter anyone for committing a crime.

  • Capital punishment should not be allowed

    Well its a touchy subject.
    On one hand if it is totally proven ( which even with modern dna technology innocent people have been convicted ) that a person has committed the crime e.G 1st degree murder , then maybe it would be good thing. Cheaper , families may feel just has been done, maybe a deterrent to others .

    But you have to really think about cons, as the consequences can not be undone!!

    CONS: mental health issues, corruption, false evidence, scape goats, vulnerable people either scared to give evidence, million in one accident. Etc etc

    The last person to be hung in the U.K was later found to innocent!!

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