• Half and half

    I honestly think that there should be a dress code for teachers but also have freedom to wear what they want . I honestly think dress code for tea hers should be nothing to revealing like a bathing suit but also not to boring. Teachers that can enjoy what they wear take it but dont abuse it.

  • Lets make a stand

    We should make a stand to this teacher should wear uniforms like us students ok im a student and i think that teacher should wear uniforms this is my seech and i going to make this happened like this if your with me on this kids teacher baby im only a 13 amd i makeing a stand

  • I believe so

    Many of the teachers at my school dress code the students but wear more questionable clothing than what the students wear. Which I find to be hypocritical, to be honest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes of course!

    The dress code at my school is practically a uniform. We cannot wear collarless shirts, leggings, skirts above the knee, jeans, or sweatshirts. But then our teachers come in wearing collarless shirts and jeans and super short skirts! This is discriminatory and hypocritical. We should be allowed to wear the same stuff teachers wear.

  • Teachers Shouldn't Be Able To Wear Whatever They Want

    Teachers play a role model for students. When they wear something inappropriate, they're basically saying that students can wear whatever they want as well. However, when a student ends up wearing something like the teacher does, they end up getting in trouble. Therefore, teachers should get a punishment as well.

  • Teachers lead by example

    Why should a teacher be able to wear something out of dress-code, such as a strapless dress but if a student were to wear one, we would discipline and told that we were a distraction to the other students learning process? We should feel comfortable and confident in what we learn in.

  • Yes they do

    Yes teachers should have dress codes because we are all the same teachers effect our lives with how they dress with there ugly clothes and how we need to dress we all dress nice as student unlike these teachers here so yes teachers should have a dress code just like student

  • Unfair and wrong

    As a student i hats school and i hate dress code it is sexiest toward girls and says owe its destracting to guys well how would you think the guys would feel if they saw what some of my teachers wore like shorts which arent dress code appropriate or showed their shoulders which is destracting for from an adault stand point like what the fuck is wrong with yall if we cant wear neither can they

  • YES!!!!!!! There needs to be a dress code for teachers

    Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkk kkk kk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkk kkk kkkk kkkkgggg gggggggggg ggggggggggg kkkkkkkkkkkk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k k k k Because teachers affect our learning as much as we do!!!

  • Yes They Should Wear Uniforms

    Yes, because these days teachers look and act all kinds of ways. They look tacky wearing clothes fit and suitable not even for teenagers. If I have to dress in uniform they need to dress in uniform as well. If they don't want to wear uniforms, then they need to stop us from wearing it as well

  • Culture turns ideas

    Morality always runs in its bound and it always goes back to its normal state already fixed. Today students are finding new ways of freedom and a teacher has to exploit them to support their wards emotions. Students are not supposed to peep through the curvy jackets to peep through what there is. They are to be taught to respect and respond naturally what is forbidden. To expose breast and butt solely determined to a great extent how confidence and motivation gathered up.

  • I should not be necessary

    I have a teacher that hates his uniform.
    He teaches drama and it is horrible to dance around and act in a shirt and tie.
    For some teachers not so bad like english or maths but overall they can teach us students better. I can relate because i have to wear a shirt and tie to school and i dont concentrate very well but in home clothes i do. And if they dont have one we shouldn't

  • I feel there is no need for a dress code for teachers.

    Teachers need to build a comfortable environment for students to learn in, and they can do this easily if they wear clothes which make the student more at ease. Teachers are responsible enough to choose clothes that suit them and look modest. Teachers also have a lot to worry about (mainly students) without having the additional worry of clothing.
    I recently read a very good article where a teacher wore clothes related to internal organs, which made the students' lesson more interesting.

  • Teachers should wear a uniform to school

    Showing unity is important because wearing uniform promotes a sense of belonging at a school. It would treat teachers and students equally. Teachers should have dress codes because we are all the same teachers effect our lives with how they dress in their not good looking clothes and how we need to dress we all dress nicely as student unlike these teachers here so yes teachers should have a dress code just like students.

  • N-O Spells NO

    I had to do an argumentive essay in school and the topic was "Should teachers have a dress code?" I was like, HECK NO!!! They are ADULTS and decide for THEMSELVES. They are obviously more SUCCESSFUL when they are COMFORTABLE and are showing at least a LITTLE BIT of PERSONALITY. My opinion is NO WAY, UH-UH!

  • Teachers need to connect with their students

    Teaching I find is more successful when they are comfortable and reflect their own personality in some way. I'm not saying come in with pj's and vest top but what harm is there for coloured hair or trainers or jeans? I find that my "maverick" approach resulted in better motivation from the students and they connected more to me as a person.

  • Teachers don't need dress codes

    They should have their own choices what to wear and how they should wear it it doesn't matter on whatever they choose to wear its their choice so if kids are allowed to wear what ever they want teachers should too SO this is why teachers shouldn't have a dress code

  • Teacher can do things for themselves

    Most teacher in my school district dress appropriately. They should be able to make their own choices about what they wear to school because then it allows them to be more relaxed and open about things. They already have too many other things to worry about, why should they have to worry about what they wear too.

  • I don't think a dress code for teachers is necessary.

    I think most teachers are capable of making mature decisions and don't need to be told to adhere to a certain style for modesty or any other reason. I don't believe that anyone should have to wear uniforms in school, teachers or students. I think people are happier when they are able to express themselves freely.

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