Should there be a dress code in public schools?

Asked by: Roughdragon
  • We should be able to dress the way we want to dress

    If I have clothing like for say shirts with short sleeves "I don't think my shoulders or bra strap will make a male student to be distracted. If i have clothing that has holes in the pants I should be able to wear them without having to wear leggings or tights under then. If I want to wear a shirt that shows bra straps or my shoulders because it is the only shirt have that matches my pants i should be able to wear that shirt freely. I am a person who's family doesn't have a lot of money so we have to buy what ever is on sale and most of the time that stuff violates the dress code so i strongly thing if there is going to be a dress code, YOU MIGHT AS WELL PUT IN UNIFORMS!

  • Show your creativity

    When I say that schools don't need a dress code I don't mean go nude. I'm just trying to say that if you like that dress you should be able to wear that dress. There is no real point in the dress code "no spaghetti straps" is what they say. That is ridiculous do you think the 4th grader is going to strip or something. Come on schools get yourself together this is too far.

  • Express your personality

    If you are always wearing what the school wants you to wear, then you cant really show who you are. If you never show who you are you can never meet your real friends. Once your do if will be to late you would have already changed who you are for your 'friend'.

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