Should there be a fat tax for being overweight in the United States?

Asked by: lefdhtey5
  • We spend money on obese people anyway.

    The obesity epidemic of the United States is costing us 190 billion dollars a year. By taxing the obese populace (not including people with disorders or bad genes) they would, one be paying the cost of the the treatment it takes for them to stay alive. Two it would be self encouraging to lose weight if you were being taxed because of it. And three this would make it easier to implement a universal healthcare system (if we want to do that). Plus the added benefit of not being the fattest industrialized nation on the planet.

  • Yeah there should be.

    I know it sounds stupid. But when you think about it, this way people would work out, eat healthy and get toned so they wouldn't have to pay extra taxes. This would make them stay healthy and feel good about themselves. Also, most overweight people are unhealthy (if not, then the tax should not go for them) and unhealthy people are more likely to get some kind of disease and all of this is being payed by the government which is taking taxes from us. It should be the overweight person's responsibility to pay however if this "fat tax" works out then either they'll pay or they get fit so they won't pay. However, if this is all genetics or some other personal problem that can't be fixed then this tax should not apply.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If fatty has to give all his money to the government for being fat the fatty won't have any money to buy his chips that mad him fat. If no fat people could buy chips sooner or later the little planet people epidemic would be resolved in a couple years.

  • Why? Why? Why?

    What would be the point of taxing overweight people? If you need money go get a job, don't steal money from other people. A tax's purpose is to raise money for necessary government programs (military, court, police, legislature) not to warp people into a government-sponsored perfect comrade. Why not just tax everything? It worked for middle-aged feudal countries, let's go back to the dark ages!

  • I think it's kind of biased

    I'm not justifying being overweight, but taxing someone because of it is being biased. If someone had an eating disorder, would they be taxed for it?
    Some people have health conditions that make it hard to lose weight. Same with genetics. Don't be biased!! Instead, be encouraging. It goes a long way :)

  • Whats the point

    People can't control their metabolism, if they have a fast one or slow one. Doesn't matter. Should people be taxed if they're underweight? Doesn't that sound ridiculous now?
    Some people even have eating disorders which cause them to gain or lose weight, and it wouldn't be fair to punish someone because of a mental disorder.

  • You can be overweight but still healthy.

    How much weight one carries is mostly determined by genetics. Also, if someone's body composition is mostly muscle, they would be considered "overweight" since muscle is more dense than other body tissues. Taxing someone who's overweight, but won't cost the public healthcare system a dime because they're perfectly healthy, is missing the point. A "fat tax" should focus on dietary measures. Foods that lead to unhealthy weight, like high fat and calorie foods with little/no nutritional value, should be taxed instead.

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