Should there be a "fat tax" on junk and unhealthy food items?

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  • Less, money will be spent

    Less money will be spent, because of health problems caused by obesity. These sicknesses such as heart disease could be cut by a decent amount. Therefore if we put a tax on junk food we can cut the amount of money spent on healthcare. SO PUT A TAX ON JUNK FOOD.
    By Jordan Rowe

  • Yes yes yes

    A large percent of the United States is already overweight. This is because all that's good is junk food and greasy, fried food. Putting a fax tax would help reduce the amount of obese people in the U.S. A fat tax will also help encourage a healthier diet and help encourage producers to supply foods lower in fat and sugar.

  • There should be a fat tax

    With fast food being so delicious and cheap people buy and buy and buy effect?: overweight. Grease tax can tame this and help make it so that the next generations wont be overweight, Sure fast food is more convienent buuut, it is going to kill us, the fat intake is terrible

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  • Fat tax would decrease obeisity rates!

    With so many people obeise, and eating the way we do the rates will just keep going up and up and up until everyone is fat. This will totally help. Sure only a small amount are overweight, but look at the reasons-- Eating to much JUNK FOOD over eating binging see where im going?

  • Ok that's neat

    Yes there should be a fat tax cause who the fuck cares where I stand on this subject since probably none of you people are actually going out in the world to change it how you see fit. I mean like if you have an opinion go out and make that change.

  • Fat people will only get fatter without this

    Fat people think they can't change. That makes me sick. I hate people who blow away their talents on stupid things. If they like being fat good for them, they've achieved their goal. But, if you want to make a change. MAKE A CHANGE. People these days are super fat and overweight and it makes me sick. If you want to get somewhere in life, make a change.

  • It's killing people just like tabacco and alcohol

    It's not like the people are not allowed to purchase snacks and unhealthy foods, they just have to pay a higher amount. Just like alcohol and tobacco, obesity is leading many people to death. This is the first generation that will not out live the previous generation. It's almost impossible to eliminate junk food altogether, but by making it a little more expensive it might just convince people to purchase healthy foods. Especially if the tax revenue is used to subsidize the sale of healthy food.

  • We need it

    People eat junk food because it's delicious AND cheap but unhealthy. It's why people can't stop eating junk food. However, if there's tax added on junk food, if it becomes delicious BUT expensive AND unhealthy. It will help people start diet and loose weight. Which lead into improvement of public health

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  • Less fat is not an option

    Just smoke some meth cuz, no worries there. Keep eating fatty food, dont tax it and make meth legal. Problem solved, force all the fat cunnys taking up all the space to get some of that good ol crystal in em, wont do no harm. Pussy byach. Im the durry king.

  • Fattys kill em all

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  • The government is a thief

    They just make a law fat tax and just get more money then the government should tax every bad like high heels . The government shouldn't say eat this don't eat this they don't have the rights its our life and we need to choose what to eat the government shouldn't bother.

  • America is a free country

    People have the freedom to eat what they want ! Who is going to say what is healthy and what is not ? Merica' is a free country and we need to keep it this way. What about poor people they dont have the money to spend on expensive healthy food , our economy is down and theres alot of people that can barely afford to buy a 99 cent cheeseburger.

  • I have many different views about the fat tax debate!

    All this junk food that people are eating is increasing their chance of heart disease, lung cancer and obesity. Did you know there are approximately 1 billion overweight and obese people in the world and 155million of the people are children? However that’s only 1 billion out of approximately 7.125 billion people in the world! So is it really that bad? People are making such a big deal out of this 1billion we all know it’s not good but on the other hand it’s making people feel insecure and worrying about their weight and what they look like which is causing illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia. People are only eating junk food because it’s cheap, tastes good and easy. Also shops try to persuade you to buy the junk food by displaying it all around the store and putting it on offer the all the time. Then they wonder why so many people are overweight! Next the fat tax will be unfair on the people who like to treat them self to junk food now and again and the people who can manage what they eat. What we also have to this about is if people love junk food so much are they going to really care about the money? Some people might stop because they can’t afford it but some people might not care and just carry on eating it. Also this is a free country people shouldn’t be told what they can and can’t eat! It’s not fair! Why sell it if you don’t want certain people to have it? Just because some people are overweight doesn’t mean they eat loads of unhealthy food. Some people are naturally built bigger. You could have the skinniest person in the world that eats unhealthy but doesn’t put on much weight and then fattest person in the world that eats really healthy and lives of salad. But bigger people are just assumed that they eat unhealthy and the skinny people are assumed that they eat really healthy. Farmers who grow healthy food to sell have to either make a profit on their crops or go out of business. It should be the same for the people who are making this junk food. This is why healthy food is more expensive because the people who grow it have to try and make a profit when they know people are most likely going to choose the cheaper junk food. The junk food is cheaper to make than growing the crops so they can sell it cheaper and still make profit, . The price of unhealthy food will probably go up at some point in the future but don’t put the tax on the people who buy it put it on the people who make the food.
    By Amy aged 13

  • It's a free country!

    People should have the choice to eat what they want. If I go into a shop and buy a packet of crisps, I should not have to pay a large sum of money for that. It's unlike cigarettes and alcohol because they are not inherently poisonous. As I am not fat, You are punishing me financially for other people's problems. We need to help unhealthy, overweight people in other ways, such as giving them free therapy.

  • Tax companies not the poor

    Why tax the poor, it isn't their fault they have got crap food, it's the companies who are making them, that is the problem. Tax them, then it will encourage them to make their food healthier. We need to educate people .In how to eat and encourage people to get out and exercise. FREE health courses for all would be a good start.

  • It is not an inherent duty of government.

    UNLESS the unhealthy food consumption causes 3rd party harm, or that many individuals prove unable to be responsible for one's own well-being, the government should not step in to impose a tax on junk food and unhealthy food items. Doing so would, in turn, infringe the rights of an individual to eat, which is a personal privilege.

    Posted by: nic

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