• Yes people should

    People really just don't think on how they should survive they just jump come on what are you doing with your life we are not helping you for no dang reason and it really annoying seeing you with bruises like really stop and think what you should do with your life

  • No there should not.

    There shouldn't be a fee when seeking help for suicidal issues or tendencies. There are many scenarios, Where someone could have a serious suicidal issue, But not have the funds to compensate for the help. It can be anything from a poor person who can't afford, Or to an adolescent who doesn't have anyway of getting money to find help.

  • That would be cruel

    Suicidal thoughts can be very dangerous, But ultimately it's their right to make the decision. We should support them through this process and provide the necessary resources. They need to fully understand that suicide is not the only option. Charging someone for needing help is wrong, Especially when it is about their life.

  • Those that are in suicide probably have a reason.

    Suicide is not unique to specific locations, Classes, Or variations of people. Rather, A mental condition, That when true is severe and traumatizing. Those that are in such a state may not have said money, Support, Or anything within these parameters other than a simple phone, Some short immediate family, And whatnot.

  • Life should not be bought.

    There shouldn't be a fee when seeking suicidal help. Every life is precious. Some people may struggle financially. These people may not be able to pay the fee. As a result, They do not seek help and instead, Continue to suffer. If so, What is the point of suicidal help? Is it only for the rich?

    It is never anyone's fault there are poor people in the world. They deserve a life too, Not just the rich. We are all equal human beings in the eyes of the Universe. Suicidal help should not be 'exclusive' to the rich. If it is, Then, Really, There's no point for a suicidal help organization to be set up.

  • Of course not.

    Coming from someone who has known suicidal people, It will just be another reason for them not to get help. It is really hard for someone to open up about this sort of stuff, So a fee will be a factor convincing them to just ignore the problem until something bad happens. They may also feel that they aren't worth the amount or cost of it if they were to consider asking somebody for financial support.

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