Should there be a fine for not wearing a seat belt? First time $100, Second offence $1,000, Third Offence $10,000, and vehicle empoundment?

  • Yes! You should totally get fined.

    I believe you should be fined because of your poor actions. It's dangerous not have your seat belt on and it will lower death rates. Also you can help your government get more money. But the main reason is that when you don't have a seat belt you are not secure to your car, and you could crash and a body would turn into a projectile. That is why I bought a red car, so you can not see the blood.

  • It's not just your safety at risk here.

    When a person choose not to wear a seat belt, they are not only risking their own safety but the safety of those in the car with them, If a grown person, who is for example 220 pounds, is in a car with a child that is say 40-50 pounds, both of them in the back of a car, with a third person driving in the front, and the person not wearing their seatbelt is on the left side of the car and the child is on the right. If the car is struck on the left side, that person is going to be launched toward that child, harming or killing them.

    The point is your seatbelt holds you in place, keeps your from flying around in your car (or flying out of it) and potentialy harming other,

  • Yes, but change the amount of fine to a reasonable one or change the punishment

    Seat belts are there to protect the user during a car crash. Seat belts actually saves lives than harming them. But the punishment must be lower or the government can encourage the car user to wear seat belts. Not wearing seat belts is not only harmful to you, but to everyone else in the car.

    Take it at this situation, what if the whole family doesn't wear seat belts and got in a car crash? They got 2 different ways to go:
    a) Go to the hospital with major bruises internally and externally
    b) Dead on the spot

    That is why there should be a fine at a reasonable price so people can trade pay a few dollars in an exchange of keeping their lives still intact in their body

  • Yes in general, fine amount needs discussion

    I believe that a seatbelt should always be on. If you don't wear it, you have a higher chance of causing a more serious injury than if you do wear it. I agree that there should be a fine (hence why I'm agreeing to say yes), but I don't believe in those fine amounts.

  • While this idea has good intentions, it is impractical.

    First of all, the fines are fairly excessive. Second of all, how will the fines be collected? Third of all, who will be checking to see if everyone in a car is wearing their seatbelts? Will every car on the road be stopped each block for someone to check to make sure everyone has their seatbelt on? People could just put their seatbelts on when they approach a seatbelt checking checkpoint and then take them off once they have been examined. And how would this be done in a big city, filled with traffic? Finally, who will be funding all of this? The administration of this fine would be expensive and likely ineffective.

  • My safety, my choice.

    It should be up to the decision of the adult who is operating the motor vehicle. Yes it isn't a bright idea to not wear one but that isn't the issue at hand. Your safety should be up to you, not the law who makes money off of you exercising your freedom. You don't have the option to wear one on a motorcycle, in some places you don't have to wear a helmet or protective clothing. Why does everyone have to wear one in a car? I know of people dying from wearing them and getting crushed from the motor or they die from other factors. End of the day, its another way someone is making money off of you.

  • This is ridiculous!!!

    Not the right thing to do. You shouldn't have to pay that much money every time you don't wear your seatbelt. If we used that method, a lot of people in the world today would be close to broke. This is not what we need to improve our country. There can be a better solution.

  • Terrible idea ever

    Why why why this is a stupid idea it is the worst ever and the persons idea means that they are a stupid person and should never talk again because the will spew out more horrible ideas like this one. They should keep wearing a seat belt and then they can't talk!

  • No I disagree

    Though wearing a seatbelt is harmful to you, it will not be harmful to others. This will be harmful to you, therefore it is your fault, deal with it. The price is also insane. Though it would make people want to wear a seat belt, the price is still extreme compared to other laws.

  • Some People Get Motion Sickness

    Belts restrict freedom of comfort and mobility.

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  • No I don't think so!

    I think the police have too much power as it is and dont need nemore. It should be up to us - even though it could save our lives.. I just don't think it s a good idea to do this even though its always brought up? ? ? What you say?

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Perussi says2018-01-09T18:53:48.287
I think anyone would pay around 100 dollars to save their life, just saying. Anyting above 200 I'd say is a bit over the top, and even 100 seems like pushing it hard.