• Yes there should be. Imagine it Monica, Rachel, phoebe, chandler, Ross, and Joey sitting at the thanksgiving table at Monica and chandlers house wiith twins

    People say It shouldn't happen, why? Why not? "Friends is about a time in your life were your friends are your family" that why it's called a REUNION. A ONE TIME EPISODE REUNION. I think over 50 million people would watch the show. In my opinion they would break records

  • Definitely! There definitely should be a friends reunion!!!

    There should definitely be a friends reunion because at the end of the tv show and all the episodes, they just leave us hanging. All of them, leave and we do not know what happens to them after. Do Ross and Rachel stay together? In the end, does Joey find love? I think many people are also wondering the same things and it would be really good if they made a friends reunion.

  • Yes there should be a "Friends" reunion

    Yes, I think that since the show "Friends" was so highly popular that there should be a reunion to catch up on where all the characters are at nowadays. The show has such a huge following and some many fans of all different ages that I think they are entitled to a "Friends" reunion.

  • Yes, a Friend reunion would be awesome.

    It would be fun to see how the cast have come along. It would be even nicer to see how the "friends" would be doing. Who got married, who had children, who made it big. I am especially interested and curious as to how Monica and Chandler are doing. It was a wonderful show, and I think a reunion would be cool.

  • No, no friends reunion

    Nothing good can come from a "Friends" reunion. Reunion shows usually don't bring much closure, and they usually don't even make much sense. When a show ends, let it end. There is no need to go back into the past just to show one last episode. This goes for all shows.

  • No, there shouldn't.

    I am a HUGE Friends fan. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. I do not think that there should be a reunion. I loved all 10 seasons and I love how the show ended. I don't want to see all of that messed with, because I would be afraid that the results would be poor and that the show I love so much would be tainted.

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