• There should be a global constitution.

    There should be a global constitution. There are some good reasons why this would help and why it might be an epic fail. This would only be good if the principles are followed and put in place. This could help with countries uniting and talking about the world issues such as global warming, terrorism, and poverty are a few examples it could help.

  • Inevitable Conclusion to World Peace

    When world peace is achieved, one of its inevitable conclusions is to have a global constitution. The difficulty is to find the right balance between regional concerns and the greater good. Someone living in Australia will have different concerns than someone in Norway. However, everyone on Earth should be given the same basic rights as anyone else under this global constitution.

  • Yes, everyone should get along

    It shouldn't be too hard for everyone in the world to want to get along. I can not understand why countries are constantly fighting with each other. People are completely against the New World Order, however I think it would be a great idea. We need every country agreeing on the same things so that everyone will quit fighting all the time.

  • There already is one and it has completely failed!

    The UN Declaration of Human rights is the global constitution for the world's citizens. The Hague uses it, the UN Courts uses it and the US Federal courts uses it on Foreign leaders. In fact, many new nations base their constitution on this article. However it's importance, it has failed to fairly bring many corrupt people to justice. As it requires the powerful nations to uphold it and they mainly use it for their own agenda.

  • That would be giving government too much power. That's the last thing they need.

    A global constitution would be ideal in a perfect world, but our world isn't perfect. In our world, men lust for power. Nefarious men cloak their malice with clever deceit. That's how they managed to spy on three hundred million Americans for seven years without word ever getting out. If they weren't constantly trying to further their reach, it could work. But not until then.

  • No, it would never work.

    It might sound good in theory, but a global constitution would never work. First of all, the various countries in the world could never agree on what such a document should contain. Second of all, we could never agree to stick to the document or interpret it in the same way.

  • There should not be a global constitution.

    There should not be a global constitution. Depending on where you are in the world and what your background is,you will probably have a different opinion on how the government is supposed to run than someone who lives across the world from you. This is why a global constitution would not work.

  • The absence of a predominant culture prevents such progress

    The multicultural world we live in is just not ready for that. There are still so many disagreements and beliefs that the creation of something like this would work in the opposite way of their principles. Instead of bringing peace and respect among citizens, it would push the nations into an endless war.

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