• Boost the economy and creates a job opportunity for lower class people

    In a country the major part of economy is controlled by middle class people and if the things are being done which courage middle class people, it will be good for them as well as for country . Their wages /salary will increase that would in turn, increase their purchasing power which will result into distribution of money among the people of lower class or those who operates their small shops. In this way money will circulate to everyone and the economy will boost

  • There should be a greater emphasis on middle class jobs

    There should be a greater emphasis on middle class jobs. Because middle class people and families make up a majority of our population, so should the emphasis placed on their jobs. Middle class hobs are just as important as low class jobs and upper class jobs. If we place more empasis we can create a better environment.

  • Growing The Economy, Creating Jobs & Rebuilding The Middle Class

    Adopting & pursuing a national manufacturing strategy: Right now, American manufacturers are facing international competitors that benefit from other nations’ carefully crafted manufacturing strategies. Such comprehensive strategies include tax incentives, investments in research, skills development initiatives, and support for infrastructure projects in order to help their manufacturers get ahead.
    Promoting the export of U.S. goods: Manufacturers need access to markets, both domestic and international, in order to sell their products. That requires reliable physical and telecommunications infrastructure, enforcement of fair trading rules, and targeted assistance to compete successfully in global markets.

  • The Middle Class Are the Ones Suffering

    As the bonuses and wages for executives continues to rise, the middle class of America is still suffering. There seems to be more lay-offs doled out to the middle class than there is for the higher wage earners. When many companies deem it necessary to make the cut-backs, they seem to put the needed staff out of work, while leaving the management in place. In my opinion, this will ultimately take away from the production for the company itself, leading to lower income and higher outgoing pay.

  • I don't support classism:

    The generation of jobs that enforce mediocore living for the majority of citizens seems to be what I would consider an affront to the concept of egalitarianism as it simply adds another layer in the mixture of oil and water fiscal elements of the nation on the whole. Instead of gauging how impoverished you are on a scale you should work to ensure that you end the measurement altogether.

  • Who is the middle class?

    I will never have an opinion about what is good for the middle class as if by doing so I am somehow spreading my own compassion evenly through the heart of humanity. No that's not right, that's not the truth. That's the way the government does it, cold and unfeeling. Lies.

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