Should there be a kid-friendly GTA-style game?

Asked by: austint30
  • Yes, their should be a kid friendly GTA game.

    Many kids with caring parents want to play GTA, but their parents won't allow them. Too many kids are getting access to GTA with careless parents. No rated E or T game out there has the freedom of GTA, they are all restricted. We really need a kid-friendly where you are a good guy and it has no inappropriate content

  • Many want to, but cannot play because of strip clubs and that kinda stuff

    Take out nudity, add a option for taking out murder, and it is a good game. Without the strip clubs, many more people should be able to play it. It will have the OPTION to take out killing, as some may choose to leave it in. Nudity is my big problem, and it could be taken out.

  • There is one

    It's been almost a decade since it came out, but Simpsons:Hit and Run was a video game that did just that. It's very much like GTA, but no one can actually die. It feels like it fits right into the world of the Simpsons, but all the missions are in the style of Grand Theft Auto.

  • Harmful elements in said game

    No, there should not be a kid friendly GTA game because of the harmful elements that are displayed that will not be rid of even if a kid friendly version is made. For example, harmful LED lights that are bright and can harm the eyes when seen excessively. Or maybe even loud sounds, which loud exposure to can cause damage to children's sensitive hearing. Even with a kid friendly version made, these elements will never be eliminated from any video game, simply because without this stuff, you couldn't even call it a video game.


    The kids truly choose how they play this game. Censorship would ruin the game so much, it couldn't even be called a game. Kids love the "innappropriate" content and there is nothing you can or should do. Every kid has seen blood, violence, language, and even their own private parts.

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