Should there be a law against using animals for medical and cosmetic testing?

  • Animals have a different body than humans

    Some cosmetics that hurt animals and cause bad side effects might not harm humans. Animals have a different immune systems than us and may react differently than we do. Also if a cosmetic is tested on an animal and no harm is done to it when that same cosmetic is tested on humans the side effect could be fatal.

  • HELL NO how is this ok

    I don't understand why people want to do this to animals this is a cruel idea and also unfair for the animals 100 million animals die every year because of this and not ok. I think that animals are people too and if we don't do these tests on ourselves than what makes it ok to do this to the poor innocent animals. GRRRRRRR

  • Animals are cute!

    They are small and helpless and they can't do anything to defend themselves. We should acknowledge that and let them be free instead of making them miserable. It's just not the nice and friendly thing to do! Imagine if you were one of those poor, poor, little creatures! No way!

  • We need a law to ban this cruelty!

    Animals have lives, and feelings, and minds like ours. We weren't put here on Earth to destroy innocent animals who did nothing to us to make us treat them that way. They get thrown in a cage for their entire life, to live cooped up in misery and loneliness. Animal testing is just wrong, and it's not even reliable! Scientists have found new ways to test products other than killing our poor animals. 92 out of 100 tests that passed on animals will fail on humans. And there are so many perfumes, hand soaps, and makeup products out there, do we really have to kill another animal to make more? What's more, the regulations that say how many times an animal can be used, how much pain can be caused to the animal without using drugs, etc. excludes mice, rats, and birds, which is about 95% of the animals tested on in the U.S., so the scientists testing the animal can basically do whatever they want to it. And over 100 million animals are killed each year for animal testing. If you would like any more information regarding animal testing, this website is very informative.
    Sorry about my little rant there, this is a touchy subject for me:)

  • Animal testing should be banned!!!

    When testing on animals you can hurt them or even kill them. Scientists should test the products on what are be going to use it. That would mean you test on people. Some people would let you test on them because they are so against it. Animals have just the same right as we do to live in this world.

  • Some products are gonna not work.

    When they test on the animal, it might hurt the animal and kill it and when they kill them the population starts to go down. Also if they got sick and they release the animal and someone who needs the meat to eat and they get sick. You don't know if they maybe shared it with 2 people or 1,000.That is why they should totally make a law about animal testing.

  • Its so horrible

    Animal testing is unfair and cruel. Animals don't nessisarley understand pain and most aren't even given pain relief. Look up animal testing and go to the pictures. I'm sure that'll be an eye opener to all of you that say no. These animals didn't do anything to deserve this and they don't feed them and then they also dehydrate them so that they will be defenseless

  • Animals have lives

    Animals have lives and need the wild. Image how terrified the animals must be i mean come on. Do people really need make up to make them pretty just because they think they look ugly. This animals are being murdered just for stupid make up this is not right this poor animal are being killed bunnies cats dogs mice rats etc.

  • Yes to the law!

    We cant always think just of our selves we need to think of the things that provide for us not take advantage of them! Animals deserve to be cared for, do they test us with thing that could possibly be harmful.. No. Say no to testing animals with new medicines and products for our benifit!

  • Needs to be I.L.L.E.G.A.L

    Animals should not be tested on. These animals never did anything bad. There are many brands, like LUSH that don't test on animals, I use them and seem to be just fine, using animals as testing dummies is cruel and unusual, find something else that no one actually cares about.

  • The stuff might work differently on animals

    Killing innocent animals for thing that might not have an affect on humans. Make up can kill animals and have no affect on humans because animals have a different immune system then us . This is a very serious subject and needs to be brought up as a more serious matter

  • It is very helpful

    If you don't want animals to be tested on, do you want to be?
    Animal is very helpful to be tested on because it is a evidence that the product is safe to use, so no one will be the next tester, so I think animal should be tested on.

  • We need to test on animals first.

    Animal testing is a required part of any medical or chemical (aka cosmetic) product research life cycle. While I do think that these companies can do a lot more with regard to relying on computer models and other simulations, there comes a point where you have to test that product on a living creature. I'd rather it be an animal than an actual human at first.

  • No. I do not believe that there should be a law against using animals for medical and cosmetic testing.

    No. I do not believe that there should be a law against using animals for medical and cosmetic testing, because testing products on animals first is an affective, and needed way to ensure the safety of humans. I can understand how people may see it the other way, but is necessary. In the same way we eat animals to live. This is no different.

  • No Laws Against All Animal Testing

    No, there should not be a law against using animals for medical and cosmetic testing because if the testing were not performed on animals, then it would be performed on humans. While animals do have rights and value, humans as sapient beings have even more value and even more rights.

  • Medical testing on animals is needed to save lives.

    While there is no good reason for cosmetic testing, medical testing on animals is needed to help save lives. Various medicines and cures were discovered using testing on animals and many lives have been saved due to it. Without animal testing medical research would come to a near end. Many more lives can be saves by what we learn with it.

  • Horrible horrific h###

    I say yes because, many people may need all this makeup and crap but if u test it on animals OMG NO PEOPLE do u think are lives are worth more than theres!??! NO god created us all EQUAL no matter whats size shape, breed, or form! And what also even when they DEFIANTLY KNOW it WORKS they STILL continue to test on the animals! They grow human ears on rats, they even broke a rats spine and put in are cells from birth into it to see if it would self regenerate! Theres a certain point to how far you can go PEOPLE GET IT IN YOUR THICK SKULLS ALREADY! How would U like it if U were TESTED on for UR WHOLE LIFE?!? Never able to see your family or roam in the wild and enjoying your life! This has gone to far and somebody NEEDS to STOP it!

  • Animal Testing Saves Lives

    I really don't think that Animal Testing is that bad. Yes animals will die for this reason or go blind but would we rather this be on a human. Besides if we tested on a human and they died the whole world would be frantic so doing it on an animal is safer really!

  • Animal Testing saves lives.

    The testing of medication on animals before humans has saved countless lives. If doctors had gone straight to human testings people who suffered from illness might be dead instead of cured. Scientists have proven that medication is safer and more reliable for humans if its been tested on animals beforehand. Finally, any human that eats meat but protests medical animal testing is being hypocritical. Animal testing for medical research and eating meat a.K.A. Animals have the same purpose; to keep us alive and healthy.

  • We need to do this to save our lives

    I don't think there should be a law against using animals to test medication. Yes to cosmic testing because that's unnecessary. If we can't test things on animals we would have to test them on ourselves. We are kind of doing this for the same reasons we eat animals.So that we can survive. Since we have to do this we should only use old animals. Its needed to assure that it would be safe to use on a person.-shauna

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