Should there be a law in which a product must be manufactured in the United States, in order to be sold there?

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  • Tariffs, taxes on imports is a better idea

    No country has ever adopted this sort of policy without catastrophic economic implications. Thomas Jefferson did this to keep America out of the Napoleonic Wars (and failed we wound up fighting Britain in the War of 1812) and the results were catastrophic. Worse yet civil liberties were curtailed to make sure nobody was engaging in illegal trade.

    Instead of selling or imports we should raise tariffs at least on countries such as China.

  • No, but everyone should support USA

    There should not be a law that it has to be made here but it should be everyones intention to buy things that are made in the USA. It supports our economy and not others. You would want people to buy from your work so you need to buy from theirs.

  • Free Market Global Economy Applies

    In this free market and global economy, it will be impossible to force Americans to buy goods only made in America. Goods from China are too cheap. Only when imported goods are more expensive will Americans turn to producing their own stuff. The only way the United States won't import cheap goods is if labor costs are the same worldwide as they are in the U.S.

  • I oppose having a law that products must be manufactured in the United States to be sold here, because it would raise the cost of goods too much.

    Buying American goods is great for our economy, but it also usually raises the cost of the goods. Other countries, such as China, South Korea and Taiwan, can make the same goods for much cheaper. Not every American is able to afford a cost hike on products that are made in America, and they should have the option of buying a less expensive product.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • I do not think that all products sold in the United States should have to be made in the United States, as this would not only affect the affordability of many prices, but would also discourage foreign partners from investing in our own exports.

    It is important that we buy products made outside the United States in order to be a fair player in the global marketplace. If we were to stop buying all foreign products, then those countries would also likely stop buying our own exports, and the end result would be disastrous for our economy, as well as for our world relations.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26

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