Should there be a law limiting school class sizes to no more than 25 students?

  • Yes there should be smaller class sizes in the U.S.A.

    Smaller class sizes help education. Many kids cant concentrate with more kids in class. More kids equal more distractions which that equals less learning. Kids need to focus in class not get distracted by other kids who don't work well with many other people in the room. I think they should reduce class sizes.

  • Yes, there should be a law limiting class sizes to no more than 25 students.

    Yes, I believe that limiting class sizes to no more than 25 students would be beneficial. Studies have shown that students in elementary school do better in smaller classes, they score higher on tests, receive better grades, and attend class more frequently. California's class size reduction program was shown to have improved student test results.

  • Yes, class size should not be over 25.

    I have taught school at all levels and (unless there is a teaching aide or two in the class room), it is impossible to keep track of more than twenty five students at a time. That is especially true these days when the foods they eat or the devices they use make them more prone to hyper activity and acting out that would have been taboo some years ago.

  • No, it shouldnt be a law.

    It should be a general strict rule, but I don't think it should be a law.

    Education-wise, yes, but a lot of little things could happen that may cause schools to break this law.

    My school once had an issue with the german and french exchange program, when the exchange students came over to our school, our classes exceeded 25 students.
    I think it should just be a strict rule with limited exceptions.

    No one wants to break the law.

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