Should there be a law on how old you need to be to drink coffee?

Asked by: nyulover
  • It's a drug so yes

    Caffeine is a drug and it is addictive. When my 12 year old niece is telling me she needs a cup of coffee to wake up it irritates me beyond belief and I tell her no. Go outside and play seriously. Raise your kids how you want but in my presence a child will NEVER be allowed to drink coffee. Why should it be a law? Well like the person on the NO side noted their parents tell them no but unfortunately we are in an age where we seem to be regressing as a society and people don't have a clue. With that said I believe trivial things like this will need to be a law. P.S. Caffeine and energy drinks rot your teeth and eat the enamel so if you consume it a lot make sure to use ACT mouth wash but wait 30 min.- 1 hr after eating or drinking to brush and gargle.

  • Yes there should

    Coffee is a drug , it is addictive and even though the effects are minor it is still a mind altering and arousal altering substance.

    Kids should not need coffee to perk them up and if they rely on that as kids, they will for the rest of their lives. Personally I think coffee should be banned altogether as it is an addictive substance. But if not limited to over 18 year olds.

  • Families choice to make

    Nobody should be restricted from food or drinks unless they are allergic. If families want them to, they should. The only law restricting food or drinks to certain ages should be alchohol. Nobody can tell you what to eat or drink because it is your decision for the lifestyle that you want to live. If your parents don't let you, then that's a whole different story.

  • Um no? Wow?

    Should the government make another program or law regulating us to BAN how much coffee we drink? NO. Should the government or Miss Obummer regulate what foods we eat (ex: McDonalds)? NO, it's a C H O I C E to eat toxic food or eat healthy food. Seriously people, watch the commercial about food and government regulation. I don't need someone telling me I can't indulge in hydrogelized or hydrogenated oils ONCE in a while!

  • A college student

    If i didnt have access to coffee, I'd be incapable of making good grades. With our unhealthy habits and easy access to fast food and whatnot, no one is really able to 'use their body's natural supply of energy' efficiently because it doesnt exist. Its hard to keep working all day. Its hard to stay awake. Coffee is never going to be removed because people need it.

  • Not on Earth.

    First things first: I don't drink coffee because my parents don't let me. I think that's how it should go, not a law. There's no alcohol in coffee. Caffeine doesn't get you drunk, and if it did, then drink decaf. There is no reason minors shouldn't be able to drink coffee. It's like saying they aren't allowed to have sugar (I'm guessing.)

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