Should there be a law prohibiting the purchase of violent video games to minors?

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  • There is a law

    Technically no isn't my real answer. As I have said there is a law, these games have age ratings. Kids cannot buy games that are 18 in shops. The only way they get these games is by purchasing them off parents amazon accounts and not telling them what they are buying, this is a modern day phenomenon as today parents pay little attention to their children's lives. Or there parents buy them for them without checking what the game content is, in which case stupid parenting. If you think GTA is corrupting your child, don't buy it for them, a blindingly obvious solution to a remarkably simple problem. Back in the day parents would have had stricter supervision of their children, and monitored what they purchased more carefully to avoid these things.

  • Control over Opinion

    With the freedom we have, both in expression and of purchase, we have control over our personal preferences and opinions. As parents and as minors there's a choice on what games to play as well as those we would like to play and do not buy. We all have standards and guidelines we place that we choose to follow such as not playing a R rated game. Although we all have opinions, should a law dictate what we should believe, or can we contain and have control over our opinions.

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