Should there be a law that bans the spanking of children?

  • We are smarter than that!

    First off, most pro spanking individuals argue that children today are becoming more unruly because America has stopped spanking . As you can clearly see by the overwhelming "for and against?" Percentages here, the majority of Americans currently spank! So obviously, right off the bat, we can see that argument is invalid! In addition, there's no denying that child abuse rates are climbing in America! Car seat laws are proof that there are times when the government needs to take action to protect those that are too young to protect themselves! What's also important to recognize is the fact that "banning spanking" does not equate to being a parent being arrested or achieving a criminal record if they do slip and spank their child. Instead, what the "ban" does is presents parents with alternatives to spanking and affords parents government funded educational resources to learn about those alternatives! American citizens have to learn how to drive a car and need a license before getting behind the wheel; American citizens are required to learn how to operate complicated equipment and must be licensed before they can get a job doing so, and on and on . But when it comes to raising a human being, that will engage with society for their entire life, Americans are simply allowed to wing it! And the greatest problem with that is the fact that if someone was raised by a parent who was abusive or who overused physical discipline, unless stopped, this cycle of abuse continues! It not only continues from parent to child, but can also extend to domestic violence. I was spanked as a child, not excessively or abusively, and still what corporal punishment taught me was to "deny responsibility for my errors" . Spanking teaches us fear and fear teaches us to hide from our responsibility. We learn how to make excuses and how to lie whenever we do wrong! Get behind the wheel of a car and you will see that the majority of drivers carry the attitude that "a law is only broken if you get caught." And even when caught, most drivers will try to talk their way out of being punished, even resorting to lying to get away with their wrong doing. Have an argument with your spouse and rather than owning up to their mistake, each will look for someone or something to blame their wrong doing on! Why? Because from toddler to teen, this is what we've been taught to do! When I became pregnant with my daughter, I decided I wanted to be the best parent I could be. My husband and I fully intended to use spanking as a form of discipline with our child. We decided to take a parenting simply to learn about how to deal effectively with the needs of a child . Not to learn how to discipline. However, it was during the very first parenting that we heard the words that changed our minds in regard to using corporal punishment, "if you never approach your child's mistakes using physical punishment, you avoid the possibility of physical punishment leading to abuse." Though my parents never abused me, there were a couple times when my "attitude" earned me more swats than I felt was proper for the situation . And I bet anyone that is honest about their experience with being spanked will admit to this also! The class also taught us that deleting physical punishment does not mean you also delete disciplining your child! Rather than whacking her bottom and sending our daughter to her room to "think about what she had done" (my experience as a child), she had consequences for her actions and from a very early age, she understood the word "responsibility" and accepted that there were consequences for making poor decisions. Our daughter has a strong mind and is very strong-willed and using forms of punishment other than spanking helped to teach her how to control her own behavior! She is now 19 and still "thinks before she acts" . She makes good choices now because she had lots of practice then! She understands the consequences of making bad choices! The best part is the fact that our children have never had to go through the stage of hating their parent. We have a relationship built on mutual respect, honesty and integrity. Why do we see so many kids acting out in school, or when they first leave home for college? Again, this survey proves that there is plenty of spankings being handed out in America, so it's definitely not for lack of physical punishment! Instead it's because our kids are not learning how to manage their own behavior! They have been told what to do, and been physically punished if they didn't do it, their whole lives, so when they "grow up", they go through a "wild stage" and are on their own to learn through making their own mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes usually involve other's lives. Lastly, parents need to start realizing that you only have the privilege of spanking for a very brief time in your child's life. Eventually you're going to have to rely on other forms of discipline anyway! Why not make the right choice, right from the start!

  • Spanking a child will leave emotional and physical scars when they are older.

    There are million upon millions of parents that raise their children very well, well enough for these children to go to further education and even get PhD's and MBBS or MCB's yet these parents never lifted a hand on their child. A child just needs a sturdy hand because if a child is beaten after misbehaving, they will grow up believing that violence is the answer to everything. It makes them more vicious, more aggressive and sadistic. They will be sadistic because they too would eventually want someone to overpower leading to bullying. Spanking is abuse, there is no need to condone such behavior.

  • I believe a law that bans the spanking of children is a good idea, because spanking does not teach children lessons other than perpetuating violence.

    Spanking is wrong- it can be taken too far and essentially it is then abuse. Spanking your child only teaches children to respond with violence, and does not give them the ability to reason as to why they did something wrong. An effective conversation or revoking privileges is sufficient to teach a child a lesson. Violence doesn't solve anything.

    Posted by: LongShawn93
  • I believe if it is illegal to assault a stranger, or your wife that corporal punishment should also be illegal.

    If we really believe all are created equal then law regarding assault should apply to children. If someone were to spank a stranger, they would be charged with assault. If one smacked their wife they would also be charged. It is only when this is done to a child that we remain silent. Corporal violence betrays the trust between children and adults, and it isn't an effective punishment. I was spanked as a child. I didn't learn not to do what I was punished for, I learned to fear being caught, and thus became more cunning. I also often sought revenge for the punishment. Spanking is also hypocritical. You can't tell a child not to hit and then hit them. This method of punishment teaches that using physical violence to get others to do what you want is acceptable, and that's the wrong message to send.

    Posted by: XglossyWynd
  • Spanking of children should be banned, as it is a mild form of child abuse.

    The spanking of children is essentially assault. To tell your children that they are always loved and protected and then causing them physical pain for doing something wrong is just plain hypocritical. There are many ways of disciplining your children without whipping them like an animal. There should never be a good reason to cause physical harm to those you love the most.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Why corporal punishment is all bad.

    All aspects of corporal punishment is wrong. No one deserves to be hit in any way. Its still physical abuse even when you don't leave marks. Corporal punishment must be banned from society and the world. It's only going to create more evil forces destroying people's self-esteem. There would be much more people threatened that way. There would be more bullies, more homeless individuals, and more crazy people who literally would have no self-control. And one way to deal with physical abuse is to learn martial arts such as kido or Brazilian jiu-jitsu. If it involves the arms, then kido would be useful, and if it involves grappling, then Brazilian jiu-jitsu would be useful as well.
    All violence is bad. Taking privileges away is one thing, but hitting is another thing.

  • Spanking is in the same category as smoking while you're pregnant or lying a baby on his/her tummy to sleep...

    It's been discredited as not only ineffective, but as harmful to children. I see several arguments for spanking that mention that "just saying no" to a child won't do anything. That children NEED discipline, otherwise they will run amok. Well, people, there are ways to discipline, mold, form, create your children to be better, more caring, more confident, responsible, and in control adults without hitting them. And you ARE hitting your child. Call it "Spanking" or "Not spoiling the child" or whatever you want...but you are HITTING your CHILD. They are so precious and trusting, and it's a shame that the people who are supposed to be completely and unequivocally protective and concerned with the child are the ones to hurt them. What must that do to a child? There are studies on the subject, so if you truly want to know more, go research the topic. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) (and there are more prominent associations devoted to the well being and betterment of our children) have put forth the stance that spanking is not effective and actually is counter-effective. There was one headline in the "Yes for Spanking" column that just make me incredulous. It said, "As long as the child is not bruised, cut, scarred, or scratched spanking is perfectly acceptable." I have been the victim of spousal abuse and my husband told me this line to keep ME in line. "As long as I don't leave marks on you then it's not beating." I've been there folks, and even if you don't leave marks, which is hard NOT to do if you are angry when you spank, then it still HURTS YOUR CHILD. You are hurting your child. May as well lock them in their rooms or some other such ineffectual punishment. The thing is...spanking...or violence against children...has been passed down from generation to generation, so people perpetuate it, and it is the easiest, quickest form of punishment for parents to implement, and people are naturally lazy so it's their go to method. If you did a little research, decided on a discipline plan, and implemented it with consistency, you would find that simply the power and respect your children give you as a parent are enough to follow through with making them into awesome people who you won't be embarrassed to tell the world, "I DID NOT HIT MY CHILDREN!"

  • Yes there should

    When Ii was four my father beat me for no reason. I think no child should go through that. Yes, I know some peaple will do it anyway, but the parents shouldn't have kids if they're going to ruin there lives and scar them. I will not be spanking my children.

  • Spanking children is a form of abuse.

    Since there is nothing we can do to ensure that parents are "qualified" to raise children, the least we can do is to ensure that those children are safe and free from parental abuse. Parenting a child is an opportunity to "rise to the occasion" of putting the welfare, safety and education of the child at the top of one's priority list.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • Im not 100% yes or no

    Im 15 and i see alot of kids who i personally think could use a good spanking because there seriously out of line and nothing will teach them otherwise. But at the same time there are some people who over use there position as a parent and abuse them. Like the first comment said, then the kids tend to make up excuses and tr to get around being spanked, personally i would go with taking something away for a week that they love or want alot, i know that worked best on me. As a younger kid for me i would always try to get around spanking but also it did keep me from doing some things because it wasnt worth the spanking. But also like the first comment said, like people on the road and stuff, people will say " but i wont get caught" ect. And that is true for any form of discipline, the id thinks if i dont get caught i wont be punished. Or if your too soft on them they will think the benefit of whatever there doing is worth more then the consequence. Just my thoughts on it..

  • Not at all should spanking be banned!

    I think parents have every right to be spanked when they need it. I mean you cannot honestly believe telling a kid no don't do that again is gonna cut it do you? NO! I'm a teenager 16 to be exact and i am so thankful my mom spanked me when i needed it and because of her i was brought up to be a wonderful teenager i don't go out and party and do drugs. And it's all because of her great parenting skills. Thanks mother♥ & i sure will be spanking my kid when i have them one day.

  • Spanking should not be banned as it is not physical abuse.

    There is a difference between spanking and physical abuse. Spanking a child lightly does not injure the child or cause any long term effects. Physical abuse should be banned, but parents need to have the right to reprimand their child as long as it is not abusive. Spanking with an open hand is not a form of abuse and it should not be treated as such.

    Posted by: VasilBuddy
  • Children need discipline, but it should be the parents who provide it.

    We have laws protecting children from parental abuse, but parents need to know they can punish their children, when necessary, without fear of the law. In the dictionary "spanking" is described as "striking the buttocks with an open hand." An open hand can hurt but really cannot physically harm a child. Children need to know what is right and wrong and if a little spanking helps teach them, then so be it.

    Posted by: BMaritza
  • There should not be a law that bans the spanking of children since there are already laws to protect children.

    As much as the spanking of children is usually a bad idea and is often overused, a law banning spanking does not protect children and could harm a child. Every child is different and reacts differently to discipline or punishment. The main concern is physical harm to the child. Laws protecting children exist and will punish those who use excessive force on a child. On the other hand a quick swat to the butt of a child can get the child's attention without causing any harm to him. Such punishment should be reserved to situations where it discourages a child from behavior that could cause worse physical harm.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • There should not be a law that bans the spanking of children.

    In today's day and age I feel discipline is what we lack the most. With the morals of the world already in jeopardy, taking away the threat of a spanking will only make them worse. It will make it harder on those of us who try to raise our children right. I will say I do not agree with "beating" a child but there are different laws already in place to take care of abusers. As a parent I have never really had to spank my children, and I have had three, however the fear that I might was there. Think about it this way...if your three year old child is reaching for a boiling pan of water on the stove, which will hurt them more....a spank or that boiling water?

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • I am a child, and spanking is the right thing to do.

    It's not that I like spankings, me being a child, but my parents spank me because they love me, and when words and reasoning itch a child just isn't enough, spankings is the way to go. The reason i say this is because I know kids who don't get spanked, and treat their parents like garbage, and I find myself thinking " that child needs a spanking! And a good one too!" Spanking for discipline is totally acceptable, it makes the child a better person, and helps them distinguish between right and wrong while learning to respect their parents.

  • Hell no

    I know that there is some unfortunate children out there that don't just get swats and my heart goes out to them, but I definitely believe that some children need to get a swift swat if they are out of line.

  • I believe that parenting can involve spanking, and still not be abusive.

    I am a 30-something adult who received spankings as a child. I do not believe that occasional spankings are at all harmful to the development of children. At least not when incorporated in a style of parenting that is also based on love, nurturing and explaining the difference between right and wrong. There is no reason to ban them with a law.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • No, because children need to learn the consequences of their actions.

    Adults learn their behaviors as children. If children are never spanked or punished, adults never learn that there are consequence to their actions. People never punish their children in the U.S., and that is why kids are rude and out of control, compared to 50 years ago. There are hardly any school shootings in parts of the world where spanking is encouraged.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • It is the parents' right to punish their child, including spanking, within the scope of the law.

    There is nothing wrong with spanking a child. Sometimes, that is the only way for a young child to learn that there are severe consequences involved when they do something wrong. I also do believe that they should not just be spanked without the knowledge of knowing why they are being punished. They need to have an explanation explained to them to let them know what they did was wrong. The government should never interfere in the relations of a family if there is nothing severe happening, or no one is in grave danger.

    Posted by: SlipArnal

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Quan says2013-06-06T12:49:32.523
I'm not convinced that spanking is the best or even an effective way to teach a kid anything of value, but some parents are. The government should not have the power to say otherwise.