Should there be a limit on the number of children one person can have?

  • My first child's' dad has 14 kids and doesn't work or support half of them

    I think there should be a limit on how many kids a person can have. This law would create more spending money for us tax payers, the government would have more funding for individuals in need and there would be less abused, fatherless and motherless kids out there. Child support isn't as strict as it seems, they will let a deadbeat roam the streets, creating kids and not having to pay for them until their picture gets put up on most wanted billboard.

  • It only makes sense

    This is a topic that seems off limits. If you think about this logically and consider the health of your family and the planet, and all living creatures, you will realize that a few more billion people cannot be supported by a planet with limited resources. If people aren't smart enough to figure this out on their own, the government has no other option but to step in, just like with anything else. People seem to be too self involved to consider needs that aren't their own.

  • Economic hardship on individuals and society

    It has been shown that each additional child outweighs the entire lifetime efforts of another person engaging in personal "green" behavior . As importantly, the usefulness of unlimited procreation is now gone. One does not need to have 3, 6, or 12 children to engage in a non-existent agrarian society. The cost of each additional child drives economic hardship in a family and takes away from the other children. In fact, tax and public policy, which panders to parents as the majority of voters, rewards families for having chldren and should instead be penalizing them.

    Having children is one of the critical factors in determining who may fall into poverty during their lifetime. The problem is magnified with single mothers, which fact is one of 3 insuring that mother to a life of poverty. Further, the more people there are, the fewer productive roles there are for all of them, and those that are seen as less desirable or competitive because of any one of a number of limitations, become unable to do a number of things, varying from support themselves, feeling wanted, feeling useful, or contributing to society, and being unhappy in life. Ironically, many of these decide that having children themselves will give them some meaning, which is lamentable.

    Most divorced mothers, although stating that they love their children, freely admit that had they the chance to do it over again, would not have children or as many children. So while the chemical alteration of a mother's psyche changes with pregnancy and motherhood, a lifetime of experience tempers the maternal instinct with the cold, hard facts.

    Finally, if society demands that we take more and more care of families, especially children, by taking resources from others in society, shouldn't society have a greater and greater say in how many children parents can or should have? Of course. But under the politically skewed system that we have, single people are actually discriminated against in hundreds of ways economically and socially (e.G. Regressive tax policy) while the status quo wants parents to pump out as many kids as possible. Amen.

  • Tire of paying high taxes

    I believe that after every person has 2 children that they should be required to pass an application verifying a healthy provided home, education maturity of parents and ample wages to support a third child. Its not fair to hard working citizens who work hard to support their family without government support while poverty stricken families continue to have many many children who have odds stacked against them to amount to anything. Its time to break the chain and not have children for just a tax deduction. I hope the government steps in one day to help prevent dead beat dads and moms who just leave their kids to fend for themselves while collecting tax paying dollars for nothing. And I also believe that all people whom except government help should be required to donate time even if it is picking up trash along a roan and all should be subjected to drug testing. Lets clean up America together!

  • Its true, science proves it, look it up

    The safest max carrying capacity for earth is 4 billion, we are 9.3 billion, we dont have enough money or reasources for this pace, barely for what we have right now, so, get out of thinking about yourself and having as many children as you want, limit yourself for everybody now and in the future, quit being so selfish

  • I agree, there should be a limit.

    We have to think about the human race as a whole and it's future, not just the "now." We must get out of our "ME" mentality and ignorance. Think of the children, and their children, and their children's children, and so forth. Keep the trees and wild life in good moderation.

  • Yes there should be a guideline.

    Maybe the government "forcing" is the wrong way to go about, but it should be heavily promoted that it is better to have a small family. Think about it ... It's almost working. We tell women everyday that it's more important to have a career in place than to have children. Guess what? More and more women are choosing a career over motherhood. Most women by the time they have established a career are in a time crunch for children anyway. Sooooo ... If more and more teachers, medical professionals, and other authority figures push the idea of having smaller families (2 children) then I think it will start to change the culture.

  • Absolutely YES, there should be

    There absolutely should be a limit. Poor people are having too many children too fast, and wealthy people are not having enough kids. But first, we need to eliminate incentives to have more kids, since most poor parents are doing a bad job of raising the kids they already have. Next, put in place a limit of two kids. This allows parents to have a family, without beinging too many kids into the world. This would give wealthier people to start having kids and pass down their knowledge to their children. They won't have to go to school and hang around less fortunate children and will be able to better excel as a whole.

  • I love Hitler

    All these niggers and Jews always having disgusting minority families, with 14,15,16 kids!? It breaks my Aryan heart to see that the white man is being exploited by the festering under growths of society. These minorities are a weed, and weeds need to be taken out from the root! So if we stop their ability to have nigger families, then society could function much better Since tax dollars are invested back into the public and not into the hands of needy niggers.

  • Cmon guys its obvious

    Its the logical thing to do. If our world is overpopulated as it is, we should be working on getting populations to a level in which everyone can have enough resources to live a prosperous, long life. Why create a world where people suffer, in poverty, with so many people who cant eat. We need a world where people can live without worrying when their next meal is and where they could sleep at night. Yes it may seem like an invasion to our rights, but in fact it is enforcing our right to liberty our ability to live with prosperity. Not everyone is born into a situation that will allow them to have equality. They will fight debt and hunger for along time, everyone will.


    It is my right as a woman to bear children. I don't want anybody telling me how many I can or can't have. I do believe that we should be smart enough as humans to know when enough is enough though. If you can sufficiently support and take care of your children then by all means have them. But do not have children so that others (ie. The gov't) can take care of them.

  • What does this even MEAN in application?

    Well, on the side that supports this they say " the government has no other option but to step in." This of course leads me to ask, what exactly does that mean?

    Does that mean America does as Russia and China have done in the past? Place a strict limit on the number of children allowed, and when the family has more than that number, the child is killed or whisked away to an orphanage where institutionalization takes it's toll and the baby either dies (babies WILL die if they are not touched) or are adopted out of the country with the severe emotional problems institutionalization causes?

    Does this mean forcing abortions? I feel confident even the pro-choice movement would oppose such legislation as they are about CHOICE and have fought vehemently for legislation requiring it to be the woman's choice and not that of her spouse, parents, etc.

    Does this mean forced birth control? Really? A government that spent the past few years arguing over whether birth control should even BE COVERED under insurance, a government that de-funded family planning, is suddenly going to pull together and FORCE it? Somehow I doubt this.

    So what does this mean "the government has no other option to step in"? What does this "stepping in" look like?

    I'm slightly appalled that the support for this is so high, and the argument? Those on government assistance of course, should be limited, it is not OUR job to raise THEIR kids...this of course is completely nonsensical.

    First, it is a gross over-generalization that only poor people have/desire large families. Second, the primary evidence that those with lower incomes do actually have more children is directly correlated with access to contraception not their net worth. Third, it would not somehow be cheaper for the government to step into the role of population control of this magnitude, it would cost as much if not MORE to enforce any of these policies.

    It is not our job to say the poor are less deserving than the rich to have children. Money does not make you a good person or a good parent, therefore lack of money does not make you a bad person or a bad parent. It is our job to take care of each other, to love our neighbor as ourselves. If you really want to make an impact, support women's organizations that support providing contraception. Support politicians that support women's access to birth control. Support a system that is already in place, yet grossly underfunded, to help responsible family planning. Don't support the government regulating you to having 2 children, history has shown us over and over that it simply does not work.

  • No Limits

    No, there should not be a limit on the number of children one person can have. That would be a huge move by the government to intrude in a person’s life. No one has the right to limit child bearing. There are families that are not able to provide a safe, healthy home for one child. The government cannot regulate everything. There are some areas where the government has no right to intrude or restrict. The size of one’s family is one of those areas.

  • Children Should Not Be Limited

    I think limiting the number of children a couple can have would severely limit the freedoms which we are innately guaranteed. The family decisions of a specific parental unit is not something that should be governed by those in higher office. It's a decision that is to be made by two consenting partners in a relationship.

  • Dude this ain't okay.

    So im doin this report fo ma class and dis is rong. Just kidding. I am doing a report and this goes against religion, and basically humanity. It was probably cost more in the long run anyways. People just need to be smart about how they live their lives. #peace

  • Going about it the wrong way

    Yes, I understand the population issue, but telling someone how many kids they can and cannot have is just wrong! If the government limits the children, that could lead to other problems. I do believe that having over fourteen or fifteen kids is a bit much, but there should be no limit. There should be no consequences. We should have as many kids as we want, if we are responsible. The government cannot limit children, it's wrong and we can make our own choices. We have freedom.

  • It is against the Constitution.

    The government should not be allowed to control the amount of children 1 person can have. Just think, if the government could take our god given rights, then they can take away your house, job, children,your free will, it would be a dictatorship. The government should NEVER interfere with your rights.

  • This is a rediculous idea!

    I think first of all I would like to bring attention to the fact that I have recently read two articles about babies found in toilet waste pipes that had to be rescued, as they were hiding the pregnancy or not allowed/ would be shamed. It is unfortunate that people assume that all large child families are a result of single mothers and men spreading their seed willy nilly. Open your eyes to the consequences of limiting children, imagine the poor women and men who find theirselves in a situation where they have a contraceptive failure being forced to abort or some other bizzarre idea to get rid of the problem. I think it would open up a whole new can of worms. Personally I know life isn't so black and white, there is a whole world of different people in different situations. I am a married mother of four my husband and I both work and we love our children greatly, we may have to limit one on one but that is replaced by group family time that enhances independant and social development. We would consider more children and have close friends with large families. Elsewhere there are problems with poverty, people who's paths are in no way similar that may be single parents and I can tell you through experience usually is not a choice. Even if it was a choice I feel truly sorry that they wouldn't know any other way to be. I feel limiting children would be a terrible decision causing more crime/ mental illness and for those that love and nurture a really disgusting intrusion on their liberty.


    People need to be able to be free. Putting a limit on people ruins their rights. It isn't fair. This is a free country, and we should be able to have as many or as little kids as we want to. I say no to limits and yess to freedom.

  • Limits on children would be an infringement of human rights.

    So long as a family is capable of supporting and caring for their children, there should be no limit on how many they can have. To limit the number of children per woman or couple would be a gross invasion of the government into one's personal and family matters. Furthermore, it could lead to forced sterilizations and abortions which are almost universally considered inhumane.

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