Should there be a limit on the number of fast food questions asked here?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Who gives a crap

    Stop posting so much food related crap, I was okay for a short time, but it's getting very old very fast. We have bigger topics to worry about than McDonalds and their french fries, which, by the way, are supported by people buying them, not by some fast food Illuminati.

  • Some people here are asking the same questions over and over again

    Fast food this... Fast food that... It's repetitive. It's like they don't ask about anything else, and it's really getting annoying and over the top. Someone's gotta put an end to that already... Seriously. It's like so dumb. Most people here don't ask about the same subject -- and neither do I

  • Vote for the Alternative:

    The number of questions concerning a specific topic can be lowered by one measure only: by answering them. There are no foolish questions. There are only fools not asking questions. As long as a question is open, there is a gap in information. Those gaps are not closed by forbidding people to have them.

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