• There should be a limit to prescription drug ads on television.

    There should be a limit to prescription drug ads on television. Prescription drugs should be discussed in the confines of a doctors office. Prescription drug ads on television causes people to develop drug seeking behavior, and also cause people to self diagnose themselves and decide which medicine they need for treatment. These decisions should be made by doctors, people should not be coaxed into thinking they need a medicine.

  • Yes. Prescritipion drugs shouldn't be advertised at all

    There is no reason for prescription drugs to be advertised outside of doctors being made aware of them. They are only available by prescription. A prescription is not something people should see advertised and ask their doctor about. If a patient has a problem and there is a prescription available for that problem, then the doctor will prescribe it. Advertising for prescriptions encourages people to find something wrong with themselves or believe that there is something wrong with them even if there's not. This leads to overmedication.

  • Prescription drug ads should be limited

    Prescription drug ads on television should be severely limited. The public perception of what a drug is and what a drug is good for has been tested in recent years with ads for drugs that are in fact incredibly harmful. These ads don't live up to their promise, and at worst are misleading.

  • We Don't Need Them

    Prescription drug ads are pretty much exclusive to the American market and they are essentially useless. Americans should have marketing that tries to sell prescription products. Those products were created for the health field and the information about those products should be provided to doctors, not patients. The ads should be banned.

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