• NHS Reform Should Be Limited

    At this point, NHS reform should be limited in scope and reach. The fact of the matter is that many people believe such reform is unnecessary. Each step in the reform process should be carefully thought out and executed properly to avoid making the same mistakes that were made before.

  • NHS needs big change.

    NHS is completely under run and beginning to become dysfunctional right now, And not because of lack of finances more so due to the lack of optimisation of the service in terms of employment and policies. It needs a huge reform IMO in order to pull itself out of the hole it's spent the past decades digging itself into.

  • More NHS Reform Needed

    With rising healthcare costs, Britain's NHS should be reformed as much as possible to save taxpayer money. Although not every reformer will get what he or she wants regarding the state-funded health program, the NHS always has room for reform. Much like America's Affordable Health Care Act, governments should recognize that health care costs aren't going down anytime soon.

  • We need an overhaul.

    No, there should not be a limit to the extent of NHS reform, because the NHS needs big changes. It would not be a service to the people to have an arbitrary limit of how much reform there can be. A comprehensive plan requires being open to anything that might help resolve the issue.

  • There should not be a limit to the extent of NHS reform.

    There should not be a limit to the extent of NHS reform. The NHS has been needing to be reformed for a long time and I think it is good that it is finally being done. We need cheaper healthcare in America for the people that can not normally afford it.

  • NHS Should Save Taxpayer Money

    Britain's NHS should be reformed to give the best possible care to the country's citizens while being cost effective. There shouldn't be limits on the reform of health care as costs continue to rise for ordinary citizens seeking basic medical care. The NHS should be modernized and reformed as much as possible.

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