Should there be a mandatory retirement age for U.S. Supreme Court justices?

  • Justice Requires Age Limits for the US Supreme Court

    Our Justice System requires that each judge primarily rely upon his/her own opinions and not the opinions of others. As judges age and their mental faculties diminish, in order to remain a judge, they cannot help but to rely on other judges that likely share their same viewpoint. In doing so, we have less than the required number of judges; instead, we have some justices essentially controlling the opinions of those with diminished faculties. The idea of judges holding out until the party which appointed them is again in the majority to ensure the continuity of similar viewpoints is wrong. It would be ideal if we could come up with criteria to determine when a judge's diminished mental faculties make him/her unable to continue as a judge; yet, applying these criteria would be subject to intense political pressure. Age, on the other hand, is a very objective criteria. When a judge reaches a certain age, he/she must step down. Even this is not a perfect solution since people's mental faculties diminish at different ages. For some, although their bodies wear out, their mental faculties do not. Of course we must have an age limit for judges.

  • Yes , the failing health of humans takes its toll on being able to serve in many occupations

    In her seventies she was sleeping on the job. What do you think she is doing now in her 80s “The subject matter was extremely technical,” notes AP writer Gina Holland, “and near the end of the argument Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed in her chair.”


    Actual artist rendition of Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg asleep during hearing
    During a report by Megyn Kendall of Fox News, an artist’s sketch of the hearing was aired with Ginsburg’s head using the bench as a pillow.

    There was no word if there was any audible snoring echoing through the esteemed chamber, but the sleep session was noticed by Ginsburg’s colleagues who made a snap judgment to let their associate continue her slumber.


  • Duh, of course

    It would serve two purposes, first, it would get younger appointees and second, it would keep inflexible, set in their ways people with probable declining health (mental and physical) off the highest court in the land. IF we can't have term limits then lets get a mandatory retirement age going.

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  • Constitution must prevail

    Our political system is wrought with liars, special interest groups etc. When a Supreme Justice Judge, interjects a political or personal opinion into a decision they should immediately be forced to retire or step down! Period! Loose the integrity of the Supreme Justice and we surrender the values of this nation!

  • Lack of Awarness

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  • Should be an age limit

    There should be an age limit for Supreme Court justices. It should be around eighty five years of age. If justices become too old their awareness and judgement might not be what it needs to be. Making a limit will solve the problem by making it a law. It is currently set up that a judge could be on there until they are 100 years old.

  • Yes, There should be a set time to step down.

    I believe there should be a mandatory retirement age for U.S. Supreme Court justices. The justices of our Supreme Court have gained much valuable legal experience in their years of service. They have gained wisdom and vast amounts of knowledge. However, even the most educated and physically fit people reach a point of diminished capacity when they reach a certain age. It is the nature of being human, and there should be a set age agreed upon to retire.

  • At a certain point they should step down

    Yes, I believe that there should be a mandatory retirement age for United States Supreme Court justices. Some of the Justices have been gotten to the point that they are nearly dead. It should be to a point that another should have an opportunity to serve in this prestigious position. It is unfair for one to keep the spot occupied because they can.

  • Yes There Should

    Since the appointments in the Supreme Court are for a lifetime, I feel there should be a mandatory retirement age, probably no more than 70, that should be implemented in the United States. I think this would counter the fact that people are living longer and this leaves the older generation in control of that arm of the government for too long. I think ensuring a more consistent movement and appointment of justices would be beneficial to everyone.

  • No, retirement should be chosen by the retiree and not by an age limit.

    No, not all court justices start at the same ago and so it would be unfair to put an age on retirement. Some people actually enjoy their job and do not want to retire. This may be true for those in the U.S. Supreme Court. Also with ago comes wisdom, meaning the older the justice the more experience and the better job is done.

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