Should there be a max age of consent along with min age of consent?

Asked by: juminrhee
  • Similar reasons as for protecting kids

    Beyond a certain age, the mind begins to deteriorate, losing development, and people make bad decisions based off that. Old people can also be taken advantage of by geriophiles (sexual attraction to old people). For young people, their minds are not developed and we protect them from those who would want to take advantage of them. In addition, beyond a certain age, elderly people cannot care for themselves just as children cannot. These arguments used for protecting the youth overlap with what should be laws for protecting our elderly.

  • An elderly need a protection

    Think about older elderly with dementia or brain disease they need a protection from sexual abuse just the same as a child need,because they do not fully understand the sexual act.Once you get older,your body become weaker as same your memory is not well function,so elderly need an age of consent.

  • We Protect Children because they have adulthood to look forward to

    The reason we protect children is because they have adulthood to look forward to. As adults after learning and developing more they may well regret things from childhood.

    For the elderly there is nothing after that, so we wouldn't be protecting them from anything. And there is no future point-of-view that will emerge that will judge their point of view now as elderly people as wrong or the actions taken from that point of view as regretful.

  • Old people are adults too!

    Most of them are able to think and the ones that "make bad decisions" are the ones that are generally physically unable to have sex! I don't believe in protection I believe in choice and I'm not American either so yeah! Also geriophilia is completely normal I mean who are 20 year olds attracted to? 20 year olds duh!

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  • It's pointless to set a maximum age of consent.

    Not all old people get dementia, and out of those who do, not all of them get it at the same time. Maybe there should be more emphasis on making it illegal for people to have sex with people who cannot give full consent, not just setting an age where people are considered too old for sex. How about happily married 100-year-olds who are healthy, still have a sex drive, and both want to enjoy sex?

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Preston says2015-09-03T15:37:34.290
There already is... Its not set in stone, but competency can be challanged...