Should there be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers?

  • There should be a maximum age restriction where after that age, the elderly have to take a test every year or two.

    Too many accidents that could have been avoided. Senses deteriorate, its nothing new. People argue that senses do not deteriorate at the same pace, i agree, but there is an age range where it is common for humans to start losing vision and cognitive function. I am NOT saying there should be an age restriction where there is NO possible way for elders to drive after a certain age, but seniors need to understand that their conveniences (not rights) of driving affects others as well. Maybe after 80 or mid 80's (thats pretty fair..) seniors have to take a test that shows you are still okay to drive, then repeat every couple years or so.

  • There should be a maximum age for drivers licenses, because older drivers are more of a risk for accidents.

    Just like there is a minimum age for driving, there should be a maximum age for drivers licenses, as well. At an advanced age, older drivers are more of a risk on the road. The age doesn't have to be set particularly low to deter all seniors, but it should be low enough to protect other drivers and pedestrians.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • I don't feel age restrictions should be placed on drivers, but I do feel "health" restrictions should be.

    I personally don't feel age restrictions should be placed on drivers, as there are some 90 year-old drivers who maneuver the road better than some 20 and 30 year-old drivers. I think the restrictions should be placed on repeated offenders (I. e, alcohol, speeding, etc.), in addition to certain health issues, that may hinder one's driving ability.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • Because a health issue can arise suddenly in the elderly, I think there should be a maximum age restriction for drivers.

    No one over 80 should be allowed to drive a car because of the possibility of a sudden stroke or heart attack. The possibility of sudden-onset health emergencies cannot be revealed in a test. Vision is also a problem as drivers get older. Many people deteriorate suddenly in their mid 80's, so this age restriction would seem fair.

    Posted by: laceylynn42
  • After a particular age the brain starts to slow down a little.

    There may be eye sight problems, or some heart issues with elderly drivers. Some people develop hearing problems or other health ailments. It is not in everybody's case, but most people are not fit for driving after certain age. It is necessary for the safety of the others as well as the driver himself.

    Posted by: dasmervin02
  • Yes, I have heard of many accidents involving older drivers.

    I got to experience first hand how much an older driver can forget about traffic laws when I took a ride with my grandfather; a maximum age would make the roads safer for travel.

    Posted by: 5h0wGiI
  • There should be an upper limit on age for licensed drivers because it would prevent a lot of dangerous driving and reduce stress within families.

    I think that although older people may feel they can drive, they often engage in very dangerous practices. Their reaction time is slower, and their vision is often poor. While their mental faculties may be as sharp as they ever were, their physical abilities are diminished. This makes them a danger on the road. Deciding when it is too dangerous to get behind the wheel is difficult, and in some ways is an admittance of "weakness" or "inability." The natural reaction is denial, and it often becomes the burden of younger family members to make the decision to take away the keys. This stresses those precious generational ties. A governmental restriction would make the roads safer and reduce stress within the family.

    Posted by: Shim2free
  • I think a maximum age restriction should be in place to keep drivers, and their surrounding communities, safe.

    By instituting a maximum age restriction for driving, it would keep older drivers from getting behind the wheel and endangering themselves or others. As people get older, their instincts get slower and their senses can decline, including hearing and sight, which are both crucial to safe driving. At the very least, renewal testing should be in place after the age of 65.

    Posted by: D35General
  • I have seen older drivers unable to see and drive. They have a hard time seeing the road and making decisions.

    I believe that there should be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers. I have seen many older drivers unable to see, unable to stay in their own lane, and unable to make decisions that need to be made while driving. These older drivers have the possibility of hurting other drivers, or themselves.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • Yes, I do think there should be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers.

    I do think that there should be a maximum age restriction on licensed drivers, but I also think that it should be on an individual case basis. I think that when a driver hits a certain age, they should have to go through testing for eyesight, and basic reflexes that can determine if they can, or can't drive properly without putting other people in danger.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • No No No!

    As an elderly driver myself I am absolutely disgusted that they may even consider taking away the licences of perfectly fine drivers. I feel so insulted by this absolute lack of understanding for our freedom that I feel the need to voice my opinions. First of all, we should be the judge of our own capabilities. I do not drive in cities and on freeways only to my local shops, doctors, family etc. What am I supposed to do if this is taken away from me? I cannot use public transport with all my food shopping! Second of all, we all age differently. I am 76 years old and fit as a fiddle yet my 70 year old sister has had a hip reconstruction and uses a cane. I for one am sick of all this stereotypical behavior towards elderly drivers. What about the stereotypical Asian drivers? I don't see any of you calling for their licences to be taken away!

  • I don't think there should be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers, because age is a poor indicator of ability.

    While it's true that many older drivers suffer from poor vision and slower response times, I don't think a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers would be a very useful way to improve driving safety. I think a better approach would be to require all drivers to take the road test each time they renew their license.

    Posted by: YummyIke50
  • There should be no maximum age for a drivers license, because all people age differently.

    People age in so many different ways. There is no way to put an age cap on drivers licenses. Just because someone is 90 years old, it doesn't mean they are not a capable driver. Many elderly drivers have great physical and mental abilities, and are much more capable than drivers in their 30s or 40s. Aging is such an individual experience that it would not allow for a stereotype to be applied.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • There should not be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers; people age differently and there is no specific age at which someone can be labeled unfit to drive.

    The current physical and mental requirements to get a drivers license are a good way to weed out those unfit to drive. A person who is to old to drive would already have failed one of the many tests required to renew your license. It is impossible to say for certain at what age each individual would be unsafe, and any generalized ban would be unfair to both sides of the line. Those who kept themselves healthy and are still fit to drive would be kept from driving based on their age, while those who might be in poorer health but younger would still be allowed on the road.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, because, despite age, due process would seem to require a more individualized assessment of drivers' capacities.

    Vision and cognitive function do not deteriorate on a uniform timetable, so it seems unfair to set an arbitrary age cap on the ability to drive, which is, after all, a quite fundamental aspect of living an independent life. Just as teenagers are not automatically granted a license at 16, older people should not be automatically deprived of one at 75, or any other given age. To be sure (and to continue the analogy), it makes sense to require that all drivers over a certain age take a test to demonstrate their fitness to drive every year or two, given that people's driving skills will deteriorate due to age-related conditions at some point, and they may not notice when it happens. But requiring testing is a very different matter from setting a single across-the-board age limit.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • I do not believe their should be a maximum age restriction for licensed drivers because there are many very good older drivers that drive better than younger people and it would stifle their independence.

    I do not believe there should be a maximum age restriction for drivers because there are many safe and very competent older drivers, and it would hurt their independence and they would have to rely more on other family members to get them around. I do think there should be mandatory testing once people reach the age of 75 though.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • I don't think there should be a restriction on age and driving.

    Just because someone is elderly doesn't mean that they are too old to function. It would be unfair to categorize everyone into the same box. Elderly individuals are all different and some can function better than others. I think the way it is set up now it good. Having to go and take the test yearly is a good thing, but possibly even twice a year might be a good idea for elderly individuals.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • I do not feel there should be a maximum age restriction as a "one size fits all" policy, as every individual ages at different time frames.

    I think a medical check and eye evaluation should be required at every renewal, no matter what age. As the baby boomer population begins to age, it is important to judge all drivers, no matter if they're 50 or 80 or 22. And how is a maximum age determined? I've seen no accurate statistics to support what age one becomes unfit to drive.

    Posted by: EIIswBee
  • I think only older drivers should be allowed to vote on dis

    It is a natural law for younger people to want older people out of the way so they can occupy higher positions on the food chain. As an example, the members of congress who vote for cutting medicare and other senior services are still in their prime years and have no appreciation for the older citizen. That is because they have not yet experienced it. However, I would like to put the seniors up against the texting and drinking younger drivers to see who is involved in the most accidents. It is true that basic facilities diminish as we age, but it is also true that people age at different rates, due to physical and mental conditions. I would bet the debaters who say older drivers are more of a risk for accidents have no survey facts to back them up, as the debater who says, "I have seen." I wouldn't want either of them on a jury. The bottom line is that I have no problem taking a road test every time I renew my license. I also think everyone involved in an accident should take one as well, since they too are a risk for accidents. Perhaps older drivers are more of a risk for accidents to the younger, impatient driver, who have an accident trying to the older, slower, more careful driver and look to shift the blame. Road travel is an entitlement for all of us, regardless of age, as is our enjoyment of unrestricted safe travel.

  • Absolutley no

    If the individual is cognizant, there should not be restriction of his/her freedom. Beside that, restricting and discriminating an individual liberty to go wherever he/she want is again restriction of free speech and contrary to the principles that funded this country, the freedom to pursue their individual happiness. Saying yes is tyranny.

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Anonymous says2013-05-04T02:40:28.993
It all goes with the requirements, if an older person pass the eye test and does not get into any accident why would you have their license taken. I think that you have more accidents when younger people are behind the wheel because they are more reckless. In fact the minute that a person is involve in too many accident young or old they will take your license it doesn't matter , also remember we all have to get old and when your time comes don't make any excuses to keep yours, since you are not sensitive about other older persons.
Anonymous says2013-05-24T05:13:06.253
I do not think there should be an age restriction for licensed drivers. BUT, I do feel strongly about one thing in particular. This is strictly my opinion. I firmly believe senior citizens should be legally made to retake the newest version of the whole drivers license test, including the permit test and the road test. Back when senior citizens took their DL test, all they had to know was basic things. I think they should have to take the new version of the tests because there's many more newer rules of the road and newer traffic laws since they took the test decades ago. How are they supposed to abide by and obey the rules and laws in today's world when they haven't studied the new version of the drivers manual? Plus, a lot of traffic accidents are caused by elders who simply and honestly are too old to be driving and because of their age and reflexes, their driving becomes reckless. Therefore I think it's necessary for them to also take the road test over too in order for the highway patrolman (or whoever rides with them during their test) to grade them accordingly with their driving and determine if they're able to drive safely on the roads.
Anonymous says2013-08-28T15:33:37.980
I have started a new petition on Change.Org to try and place an age restriction for licensed drivers.