Should there be a maximum legal age for giving birth: Should a limit be set on the maximum age at which a woman can give birth?

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  • Every persons choice

    There should not be a maximum age to give birth. In the event of a maximum birthing age, a child or young person could be subjected to a traumatic event on top of an already traumatic event: being forced to not have a child after potentially already being forced to have sex.

  • No, I do not believe there should be a maximum age for giving birth.

    No, I do not believe women should be told when they can or cannot have a child. Everyone should have the right to have children and age should never be questioned. Some people are ready for children right away and some people like to wait. Every women's body is different and it would be injustice to try and set an age limit. No one should try and dictate what a person can do or not do with their own body.

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