Should there be a maximum wage law, and if so, what should it be?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Maximum wages make sure no one is cheated.

    I am totally in favor of maximum wage law just as much as minimum wages. I mean if I was to set the number i wouldn't be able to guess it. I guess the pay grade would be different for different places. But I think it would defenatly would creat some equallity.

  • The real wording for this question should be, "is Communism a good idea?"

    Absolutely not. There should never be a maximum wage. Government should not control how much someone earns through voluntary exchanges in a free market (capitalism). I also do not believe in minimum wage, because who are you to decide that I cannot pay Jimmy from down the street $5 an hour for sweeping the floor in my little office, or to help me carry stuff for delivery? That would slowly but surely help him get out of poverty. What I if I can't afford to pay him the government mandated minimum wage, but would still want to hire him for his services, and we WILLINGLY come to terms with each other? If I work somewhere that I provide something important and valuable to, then I can negotiate how much I feel I should earn, and they should be able to negotiate how much they are willing to pay me. What do you think pro athletes or even CEOs do when they move between teams or companies? "Why should I work for you for $85k per year, when Steve is willing to pay me $100k per year for my services?" For some bizarre reason, people seem to think corporations are controlled by one person. Or that everyone only works for corporations, and they completely disregard the amount of people who own, or work for small businesses. In fact, government NOT controlling wages would actually help poor people. For example, leftists are so keen on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Well guess what? When that happens, expect to see more self-checkouts at your local Walmart. Expect to see more machines being developed to replace manual labor in factories. Expect to see more self-driving trains & streetcars, vending machines, and no attendants at gas stations. Expect to see less security guards and less food servers. Expect to see dirty floors and windows, or a robot created to do it instead. Turns out, even the big bad evil corporations (sarcasm) have a limited amount of money. But government controlled wages harm the little guy the most, both small business owner, and small business employee.

    We should be figuring out how to make poor people less poor, not making rich people less rich. Unless you inherited your wealth, wealth is just an indicator of how much you have provided to the marketplace and how much you have earned through your goods or services that you have provided, of which other people have voluntarily purchased. The argument by people who think there should be a maximum wage is that it is more "fair" in their subjective view, if we are all poor together, because then at least we are equal. That sounds a lot like Marxist Communism to me, not a free society.

  • This is uncertain territory because we've changed how we're paid.

    This is uncertain territory. Over the past century, top CEOs have been making more and more money. However, since the 1910's, CEO salary has been stable (when changed to 2000 dollars). The only change is that CEOs are now paid in stock options rather than just a "straight salary". This makes sense that a company can offer a potential CEO more money without actually giving it to them. This also makes a CEO want to have his company perform well to earn a higher income.

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