Should there be a "Maybe" option on for those who don't fully agree with either?

Asked by: Duncan
  • A person can have an opinion that doesn't fit in with either

    Issues are more complex than just yes or no. If someone's opinion is ambiguous as to whether it would more appropriately belong in the yes or no category then where are they supposed to post?

    But instead of calling it "Maybe" "Other" would be a better category. That's enough words.

  • Ever seen Donnie Darko?

    In one scene in that movie, the class is given an assignment. They are supposed to categorize various actions on a spectrum of fear and love. But when Donnie is called, he makes the point that you can't just jumble everything into one category or another, there has to be a dividing line. If it's a yes or no question, then it's just yes or no. But if for example, the question is "Are men superior to men, or inferior?" Then there should be an option for "Niether".

  • I would make the possible maybe 'other' or 'alternative'

    I agree with the respondent who said there are many things which are more complicated or circumstances in which you would say yes whilst being aware of situations in which you might like to go with no. Some things, and therefore our stance in relation to them, will be entirely dependent upon the specifics of circumstance and it would be nice to have the option to say so.

    Mind you, we can already use the comments section for that purpose, but it makes the participation feel slightly behind the scenes, like an afterthought or an unwillingness to commit to a stance, and being aware of the complexity or the subtleties of an issue is anything but that (obviously, you still present your supporting argument as you would with the other options).

    Yes and No both have very definite and assertive (not to use the word arrogant) rings to them. Some people explore and experience life from a more fluid perspective, an alternative to our traditional binary oppositions would be good and it would be progressive. Go on, open the door to possibility :)

  • Why is it always yes or no? The world isn't so black and white like this!

    The issues that are voted on are far too complicated to be answered yes or no. Debate.Org should have a maybe option, or a slightly leaning to one side option. If an array of Yes, maybe so, maybe, maybe not and no was implemented, with percentages for each, then much more freedom of opinion would then be available for those who came to this site to find their voice.

  • Add maybe and impossible

    There should be quite a few more options. Maybe would be great. Also the response of that question makes no sense so it doesn't matter would be nice so that you don't have to explain that to people in the comments section. Adding an option of somewhere inbetween would be great for issues that are not black and white.

  • Perhaps, I'm not sure.

    I may be slightly apathetic or 'on the fence' as it were, on this issue. But unfortunately, there is no button to express that view, so I'm just going to go with 'Yes' because it is green and I like green as it is better than red. But I am not sure.

  • I say yes.

    When you limit your choices to simply yes or no, you leave out everyone else. Some people need time in order to finalize their opinions and they can take one side while seeing where the other side comes from.

    I say yes to this question, if only for the sake of those who say maybe. Sometimes, maybe is the best answer.

  • If you don't have a direct opinion, don't vote.

    The whole point of these 'opinions' is to draw a distinct contrast between the Yes and No arguments of a topic. Why put in a 'maybe', if it's not going to be used? This is in comparison to debates. Why have three people debate each other on a topic, one holding the Con position, the other the Pro, and another a 'Maybe' position? How does that work? It won't work here.

  • There isn't much point if you cant pick a side

    The point of asking peoples opinions on an opinion question is to gauge the overall average opinion on a topic. If you are torn 50/50 on an issue, there's no reason you have to respond. Or respond on the forums if you have input but not an opinion. Maybe would just end up catching 90 percent of the people voting who agree or disagree besides maybe one tiny exception, and then the yes/no ratio won't tell anything about what people think anymore

  • That would create confusion

    If there was a maybe option, I think it would be overused and it would blur the clarity of the discussion. Currently, people who think "maybe" pick the answer they most agree with and explain their stance there. That gives a much a more representative batch of answers. You have fifty words minimum to explain your stance. That is enough to properly convey and explain a "maybe" answer

  • Why Complicate Things?

    We already have a "maybe" option, its called not voting. Nothing would be gained by adding another voting option; it would be overused by those who didn't bother to, or were unable to follow the arguments. If you have an opinion, vote it; if you don't, don't vote. Its that simple.

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