• Let us protect what is (for now) the current Mexican border

    The US patrols the northern side of the (for now) current Mexican border and its about time that Mexico patrols the southern side of the (again, for now) current Mexican border and it should patrol the border and should deport, confiscate, arrest, or destroy/kill the following: Non Catholics who want to convert Catholics away from Catholicism, non Catholic items (non Catholic bibles, etc) clothes (Islamic, buddhist, Hindu, jewish, and other non Catholic clothing, terrorists, members and associates of criminal organizations (street gangs, biker gangs, prison gangs, cartels, mafias, etc), non Catholic places of worship, signs where Spanish is at the bottom and non Spanish (like English at the top). This will make Mexico safer because there are little to no more living members and associates of criminal organizations, a gradual decreases in non catholic religions, non Catholic places of worship, and non Catholics leading to a gradual increase in Catholics in Mexico gradually making the country feel more Catholic and not non Catholic or secular, Mexico and its people won't be Americanized rather at the border, it is possible that Hispanicization (in this case, Mexicanization), and catholicization will gradually begin to spread little by little (starting with the border counties (Yuma, San Diego, imperial, hidalgo, el Paso, etc) increasing the number and percentage of Spanish speakers and practicing Catholics and Hispanics which will be more helpful if practicing Catholic hispanic women married practicing Catholic non Hispanic men, practicing Catholic Hispanic men married practicing Catholic non Hispanic women and teaching their spouse, their families and descendants (children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc) how to speak Spanish and making it their first language and to strongly embrace their Hispanic heritage, this will be more than a great help to Catholic Hispanic hispanophones (or Spanish speakers).

  • Runaway Mexicans coming into the United States

    The Mexican border is there to protect two different countries. I heard lots of stories of people running away from Mexico to try and live in the United States. Some are criminals that try to escape, so the police cannot take them to custody anymore. Do you want more criminals coming to United States?

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