• The draft is good

    I believe the draft is good because if we need military soldiers we can use the draft system to get 30 too 500 men maybe more to help serve their country that we all love so much and to make sure we’re not like we where when we first made this country

  • Support our allies

    If we do not have a draft then we might not be able to fight our own wars or help our own allies because we will not have enough military strength to fight back. If that happened we would loose all our allies, And they would not help us in our time of need.

  • The us constitution says so

    'establish justice, Insure domestic tranquility, Provide for the common defense, Promote the general welfare, Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, Do ordain and establish this constitution for the united states of america.
    We gotta 'give justice to those who are or are not deserving of it, Insure the households of america are free from disturbance and agitation, Support the military during all times, Including if they need people, Raise to a higher level the concern of the government and its citizens, And make sure that our country is safe for ourselves and our future generations. '

  • We should have the draft we want to live in a free country

    Money people not to be exempt they live here also it is the best country in the world we have fought so hard in May ways to have our fReedom we need tohave a strong military forever we have no fear to express our opinion what so ever not to be jailed or punished it is still the best country to live in I wouldn't want to live anywhere
    Else I love my country

  • Its going to be a rough war

    The US Military needs to grow a par and they need to get help they need to stop thinking that they can fight this war all by them self's and I can tell you that they don;t have close to enough slider's to fight this war with out a draft.

  • Keeps us all safe.

    We only should use it in war. If we didn't have a draft we wouldn't be a free country anymore. We would have been taken over by some crazy country that doesn't like us. Let women be drafted and have them serve on combat jobs. Also the draft is fair. No matter who your parents are or how much money you make you will be drafted still. People say you won't be able to kill someone but you don't know that. You won't even think about it and just act.

  • I don't not support it but thought I would play devil's advocate.

    During the Civil war, Of the 2. 1 million soldiers that made up the union army only 2% of that number were draftees. Most just assume that besides volunteers there is no other way of raising an army except to force the unwilling to join. And don't misunderstand, I am very pro-military. Further, The unwilling don't often make good soldiers -surprise.

    Firstly, I think that the military should be far less picky about who can join and who can't or at least loosen up in times of war -of course they've been more lenient with advances in medicine. If they are willing and able why turn them away?

    Second. We use hired mercenaries anyway -why not draw more on those? It doesn't help that mercenaries are villainized and the military is put on such a leash that they have to have to use them for all their dirty work.

    Third, Modern warfare isn't so much about numbers as it is strategy, Technology and resources. If WW2 had happened today, You would see far less ground troops. No longer do we need to stand in rows or run trench to trench.

    Fourth, Make military a more lucrative career. Anyone will do anything for money. Everyone has a price. Minimize military waste and grow the reserves exponentially (since it takes so long to train civilians into soldiers).

    Fifth, You'll notice as wars come closer and closer to home people are more eager and willing to join -keyword, Willing. After 9/11 there was a huge influx of recruits, After Pearl Harbor an influx of recruits, After the battle of Fort Sumter an influx of recruits. My point is, People often rise to the occasion.

  • We should not have the draft because it recruits citizens that are physically and mentally incapable of serving in the military.

    Serving in the military is a difficult job on the body and on the mind. If we take people that are not prepared to do this it is unethical. Also, people could have a life set out for them, with a family and a great job. We cannot take it away from them.

  • Let the warmongers fight their own wars

    I think it's atrocious that people should be forced to leave their family and friends to die for an idea that they might not believe in. Everyone that wants to join the military should be able to do it as long as they are physically and mentally prepared but I feel it's horrible to think that it's great for a country to force innocent people to die for their sake. I don't want to die for someone's need of conquering, humiliating or avenging. What about we fight for love and peace instead of sending people to their slaughter?

  • The Draft Should Be Ended

    The military draft is an antiquated and sexist practice that infringes on freedom of choice. To require something only of men is not only sexist, it should be illegal under the same laws that protect people from sex discrimination in the workplace. Since the choice of whether or not to join the military is a personal one based on someone's beliefs, rather than expanding the draft to women, it should be ended completely, allowing each person to choose whether or not to serve.

  • Do not bring back the draft.

    I believe you should not bring back the draft for many reasons. If we needed the SSS to start sending out letters for the draft, it would be because we need people immediately, and through all the processing, it would take months for someone to be fully capable of entering into combat. Secondly, for my brothers I know for a fact they could never kill a human being, see someone being shot, or be closely ready for any sort of combat. They would be mentally MESSED up when they came back. The military isn't for everyone and we shouldn't force people into it. It should remain all voluntary.

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