Should there be a minimum weight limit for models?

  • The bodystandard of our society keeps slimming down

    The bodystandard of our society keeps slimming down, so i think in a couple of decades models 'll have to strive to a only-skin-and-bones type of look and the teenage girls will also strive towards that. And no girls will be healthy or confident. But i think society, due to (among others) Kim Kardashians booty and béyonces curves, is slowly changing the system, curves are hot again! But it'll take a while for everyone to get used to the curvy bodystandard.

  • The answer is simple

    We don't need anorexic models. Models model because they know their pretty and like to strut what they got but when their "bosses" go and make them lose so much weight like that, it can be really dangerous so i think that there should at least be a minimum weight of 80 pounds based on your age /Users/734041/Desktop/images.Jpeg

  • To a point there should be a weight limit on models.

    Yes, to a certain point there should be a weight limit for models. There are many women and men who would love to model that are not your average skinny winney, but they would look great in some bigger sized clothes to model. And it would most definitely appeal to the bigger people out there.
    Now, some people who are upset because they were turned away because of they’re size, is OK! Because maybe they are a little too overweight. Some people don’t want to see bulges hanging out of a skimpy bikini.
    So I would say yes to weight limits on models, but don't turn away every big person y'all see, give them a chance first.

  • Yes there should.

    Many young girls starve themselves and have eating disorders because they feel like they need to be as skinny as the models in the magazines. Instead of making people feel like they should be 100 lbs, we should make girls feel comfortable the way they are built. Girls with curves are beautiful and need to know that they "fit in" no matter what size they are.

  • No way dude

    I don't think their should be a weight limit only because some models are thicker and they shouldn't be judged because they are not skinny. Now its a different thing if you're really skinny and you look sickly and you can see your bones. I think you should look healthy if you are going to be a model...

  • This leads to eating disorders and harms their fans.

    When models are told to lose weight they sometimes obtain eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa. When fans see how skinny their role model is they want to become just like them and develop an eating disorder as well. This isn't good for models, fans or businesses and it needs to be stopped.

  • Yes there should

    I am currently in partial hospitalization treatment for my eating disorder, I'm only 15. There are many factors that have contributed to it but I can honestly say that the glorification of skinny models on a runway have influenced my behaviors hugely. Yes, all women should believe they're beautiful because it's true. But when you're constantly enforcing the idea that "thinner is better" through the use of modeling, it doesn't matter if you're not flat out saying it.

  • Yes Definitely, Absolutely.

    There are so many models who strive to become the perfect person. By having a weight limit it will allow for them to meet a perfect goal or a limit where they can be safe for both the model and the model industry. It should be something required from every model agency. I remember watching Americas next top model and there was Tyra Banks. She was not as skinny as most models and remained beautiful and could show off any clothes thrown her way.

  • No overboard, but yes.

    I personally do not find "twigs" to be very attractive and I do feel we are at a different time now where a woman with "curves" has become much more appealing to the male eye. I definitely feel the modeling agency should require a minimum weight limit for clients. There is simply nothing appealing about a woman who looks like a skeleton.

  • YES, Of course!

    Even though some people are naturally thin, however many others starve themselves in order to be like them, and at times this drives them to serious fatal illnesses such as Anorexia Nervosa.. I have personally seen this sort-of 'self abuse'. Beauty is really just being who you are naturally and eat HEALTHY not STARVATION, because if a person tries to change who he really is, then he starts to lose his charm...

  • No there should not be a weight limit!

    What if you are naturally very skinny, but healthy and pretty? Does that mean that you can not be a model just because you are naturally very skinny? A lot of people are saying that models make some people think bad about their figure, we'll I don't think so because seeing a model should influence you to look like them and not make you feel bad about yourself! I am 13 and I am 75 lbs, which is underweight for my age, I am healthy though. I agree that if you are underweight and not healthy then you should not be allowed to model. Other then that, I think it is fine.

  • What's The Point?

    I believe there shouldn't be a limit simply because of the fact that a limit would add to today's society's belief that to be beautiful you have to be skinny. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and no one should be told that they have to look or be a certain way to be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in there own way. Beyonce recently made a song called Pretty Hurts and it's about how society views women today and how they should be in order to seem "beautiful" but the song explains how you don't have to be a certain way to be beautiful. The song is inspiring to all ,including myself, who have insecurity issues. You don't need society to tell you what size or height to be to know that you're beautiful.

  • It is what it is.

    Most models aren't skin and bones, they're not fat, but they're not skin and bones either. All models differ and it's not up to the industries to solve the world's problems. Besides what would putting a limit do? Nothing. The industries would all stay the same and find ways around.

  • No. Its uncalled for.

    In today's society, if your not a size 0 and 100 pounds, your not pretty. That's what all these models are portraying. I am a size 9 and 160 pounds, and I feel like I am in really good shape. You don't have to be a stick to be beautiful. Other countries advertising's for Victoria's Secret and other companies use natural looking, healthy models with NO photo shopping.

  • No there should not be

    As a girl who's parents who are both naturally skinny do to very fast metabolism I am also very skinny and growing up I was made fun of because I was so skinny. It was nice seeing models who looked like me.I if I had grown up with out those models my life would be very different than it is now

  • Big is beautiful

    All women are beautiful. Everyone is built differently and we should feel as beautiful as we are. Society is making it out to seem that in order to be beautiful, you have to weigh a certain amount. Both having curves and being skinny is beautiful. We should not have to change because society tells us we have to. Have your own standards!

  • No there should not be

    There should not be a weight limit for models. Who cares what size and shape they are? Beauty is beauty, and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Why put a limitation on beauty? No, one puts a limitation on other things so why limit this? I think that it is wrong, a disgrace and disrespectful.

  • Setting a legal weight minimum for models would be wildly ineffective and a waste of time.

    The pressure to stay too slim in the modeling industry is a sad and unfortunate aspect that has led to many health problems, eating disorders, and death. However, making a rule against it wouldn't change anything. For example, if an in-demand model is booked for a shoot or show and drops a couple of pounds under the "weight minimum", do you really think the agency would report that honestly and cancel the job? No, they'd cut corners somehow to prevent losing money. Now, if a specific agency wants to implement a weight minimum for their models, kudos to them! But, making this a rule across the board would be a waste of time.

  • Let the marketplace regulate models' weight.

    I do not believe there should be a minimum weight limit for models. Though the issue of body image, especially in young girls, is an important and troubling one, we cannot regulate our way to good self esteem. It is the jobs of parents to instill the foundation for healthy self-image in young people, and the job of adults to maintain their own. If we as a society want to see larger models, then we need to vote with our dollars. Designers use thin models because they sell clothing: if we stop buying the clothing that hangs off of wraith-like shoulders, they will use larger models.

  • The problem is not the solution

    While a majority of models are ridiculously underweight and in my opinion thoroughly unattractive, you can't fix bashing their weight being unrealistic and too low by requiring it to be a higher number. Having one set standard is the issue, it can be fixed by designers using more models that actually have enough meat on their bones to have some female definition to them. This is not the same as requiring it, they need to accept it themselves.

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