• Yes, It is necessary.

    A monarch ensures continuity. He is not bound by party politics. During a time of crisis, The citizens of a nation can rally around the monarch. A monarch wishes the best for his people. He does everything in his power to protect the interests of his subjects. India would have been better off if it had a system of constitutional monarchy. The main reason to abolish a monarchy is the fact that the public does not get to choose their leader. And what good did that make. People are being dictated upon by leaders of a democratic republic. As a dialogue in ‘The Crown’ goes, “Monarchy is God’s sacred mission to grace and dignify the earth. To give ordinary people an ideal to strive towards, An example of nobility and duty to raise them from their wretched lives. Monarchy is a calling from God. . . . . . . . . . . . . You are answerable to God in your duty, Not the public”. This whole thought sums up into one idea ‘Duty before self’, A great thought that HM Queen Elizabeth II is a living example of. She puts the interests of her country above her personal interests. If UK removes the Queen from the equation, The entire system will be in a mayhem. Same is the case with India. India was a rich nation divided into over 565 independent kingdoms. The British rule unified India as we know today. It’s been more than 70 years since our independence. Still when our country is in shambles, The politicians hold the British rule responsible. It’s too ludicrous for words. We should have been a fully developed country by now if we had opted for a constitutional monarchy.

  • Yes me as a monarch

    Yes I want monarchy for India because I love my country and as we know that politicians can't help our instead of that they are destroying are country especially our PM modi so I want monarchy in India before 2024 to come in india and help our country so # monarchy

  • Yes. . . . According to ARISTOTLE

    Aristotle is the father of Political science. . . He says that democracy is the perverted form of rule by many people. . . And hence when democracy gets corrupt the monarchy must return to prevail the state. . . However his theory was discarded but he was true. . . As India today has become the biggest democracy it is too the most complicated democracy. . . Everything and everyone is corrupted. . . Thus India should be again monarch and the cycle by Aristotle must go on. . . . !

  • Yes there should be monarchy in india

    Because as we see today most of our leaders are corrupted and from criminal background and they also become nervous and selfish in the name of vote bank. If there will be monarchy India will again be jagatguru, We will lead the world again and India will be a Hindu rashtra also, But the monarchy should be of written constitution

  • Monarchy for sure

    Monarchy, according to the Vedic modesty and rules would boost the all sided development of nation. When the world was sleeping in darkness, dharma controlled monarchy lead Bharat to a very advanced society. So, monarchy should be, and will be welcomed back in Bharat within few decades. Jai Hind. Jai Hindu.

  • India as a world leader

    India should be run by Hindu monarchs and a strong central government chosen by the people should run the india to become our country a world leader and to save our relegion and our values and to defend Islamic exteremist.A house of Lord's likewise should select a person to be elected by the people

  • Yes it is needed

    Since a penguin rules with the Mandate of Heaven that is why India too must have a monarchy with a female empress and the line of succession be female oriented. There should be a council of ministers with a male chancellor. The empress will be allowed to have several male consorts.

  • Yes, a monarchy is a point of pride.

    Yes, there should be a monarchy in India, because the citizens of India would rally around the monarchy. The monarchy would increase pride in the country and give the country people to look up to and set an example to. Like the Commonwealth countries like their queen, this would be a positive social thing for the people of India.

  • There should not be a monarchy in India

    I love my country and I know that politics in India is annoying, Rage invoking and overall a bit complicated. But as said before there should be no monarchies in India as they have happened before and no matter how many checks and balances we put in place the monarch has almost absolute power and can easily ignore the people and cease power for himself. Which has happened so many times in history that it's almost a joke at this point. Not to mention the fact that India is a very diverse country full of other religions than Hinduism we can't just ignore then as no matter how different we are we still have a thing in common, We are Indian and so a part of the country as a whole. That's enough for us to include them as no matter what kind of a government is set up it is the job of the government to take care of the very people who make up the country. I am not saying the current government is perfect. I am saying it can be improved upon the government we have established right now is still young and growing compared to other countries even with the shit show that is some times is it still gets the job done as far as I can see we have no civil war, No major monetary problems yet and most of all no military overthrows which could easily happen if someone was smart enough, So It's better to let the government grow rather than putting in a new one that would easily fall on its own feet killing itself and hoping fingers crossed that it would work. As bad as it may sometimes seem It's better to stay with the devil you know rather than making a whole new monster

  • Tthere should not be a monarchy in India.

    India has had monarchs in the past, but it is a functioning democracy right now. Monarchies are outdated and anachronistic in the twenty-first century. Rather, people should be able to elect their own leaders to represent them in the government. Democracy is the most successful method of government in the world today.

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