• We can't give states the option to decide on who lives and who doesn't

    There should be one law for the death penalty that covers rapists, pedophiles and murderers. They are not going to get better, and it is not the taxpayers jobs to pay for people like that to keep living, especially if a majority of them are going to get out of prison before they die. Keeping them alive is giving them a chance to rape, abuse, molest or murder again, even after they have had a chance before and they blew it.

  • There should be one law for the whole country

    I think the death penalty should be decided under a common law for the whole country. Why let states make different rules, it is fair to approach the matter the same way under one banner otherwise there will be division that favours the rich but then again America would support that!,,

  • The death penalty shouldn't be allowed.

    The death penalty can really effect someones life. Just because they did something bad once doesn't mean that their whole life should be gone. They should have a chance to fix the life. If they murder someone they shouldn't have to go to the death penalty and they should just got to jail.

  • There should not be a national law regarding situations where the death penalty is allowed

    The death penalty is a state matter, that should be determined by the states that have legislated to allow it. It seems that morally we should have a united stance on the death penalty that applies to the whole country, however we are too divided in our politics for a national law to have any desired effect. It would not be feasible and wouldn't help.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I believe the United States would be far better off if it banned the death penalty and didn't use it. If we implemented a federal law stating that case I would be in full support of it. Developed countries are moving in this direction and I think it is important for the United States to get rid of the death penalty to.

  • The states can manage.

    No, there should not be a national law regarding situations where the death penalty is allowed, because that is not something that the national government needs to regulate. The states are capable of deciding for themselves what they want their own rules to be regarding the imposition of the death penalty.

  • states should have some power

    While I'm not personally in favor of the death penalty, I belive that states should be in control of their own laws to some extert. I don't feel that a national law on the death penalty would make a significant difference in law enforcement because so few people are sentenced to it, and we'd waste a lot of time debating it on a national level.

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