• Lena ashe need a minimum wage

    Lena ashe is a single girl struggling to make it and support her son, molson. She trieseveyrday harder and harder, but the money just isn't enough. It just doesn't cut it. I see her struggeling eveyday (as her son Molson) and I know that she lies to me. She tells me shes okay. She tells me shes not hungry. My Lena is my only. Minimum wages must be raised. So please, do this fo mamma. #raisetheroof2k16

  • Yes there should

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  • Yes there should be a minimum wage.

    Of course there should be a minimum wage. I work for a finance company and I personally do revenue reports and see profit margins of many major corporations. The margins are overwhelming. While I generally support not taking from the elite to give to the poor (socialism), the margins have increased ten fold over the last four decades. The top 10 percent own about 85 percent of the wealth distribution in the country. This sets up an attitude of entitlement as the more money you have, the more you want and need. Minimum wage prevents this to an extent. Unfortunately when it is not increased to match the cost of living, people get upset and strike or riot. Everyone should be responsible for their own upward movement, however when they are restricted by secular or economic means this is not always possible. Thus the reason they have to work for the big man to get through the wonderful thing called life.

  • With a national minwage will come a taxation variation

    Now with this min wage being a national thing, that give the opportunity to give a variation in tax which can go TOWARDS THE COMMUNITY to ensure property upkeep and city/state wide upgrade on housing and in the same turn people will be able to live and not live out of the damn dollar store, my whole life ive lived in the lowest of low and now that im old enough to make a difference i see this country needing a change to support this overflow of PEOPLE. A total reregulation of this tax system along with what it means to get by needs to be in effect because the people who are actually trying to make a difference have to start from the bottom, and you need money to make money, and with school becoming more expensive how are we supposed to get into these positions that require all this training or certifications? A national average will give families with nothing a chance at that white picket fence life.

  • Workers Deserve Fair Wages

    Labor laws don't exist in the 1800s anymore. Employers shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of workers and a national minimum wage should be in place. If states have control of the issue, immigrants will flock to one state or another creating a population imbalance. Added population means a greater influence in national politics with more seats in Congress.

  • Yes there should be a national minimum wage

    I don't believe it is right that an employer can pay someone less than they are actually worth, in effect underpaying them for their labor. I don't know that the minimum wage should be one totally set in stone having said that, but.....I do think that employees should have some form of protection against underpaying employers so that if they were working hard enough and doing a good enough job, they couldn't be denied the rightful pay that they earned.

  • One size does not fit all

    I agree that there should be some form of worker protection. Companies should not be able to unethically exploit workers.

    However, a national minimum wage does not achieve that. For one, the cost of living varies tremendously between different parts of the USA -- NYC is probably more than double the cost of rural Alabama. Setting a national minimum wage will invariably set it too low for some people, and too high for others.

    Even if we were to move this down to a local level, I would still be against it. Why? Because one size DOES NOT fit all. If both the workers and the owners agree on a $7/hr wage, then the gov't should not get involved.

    This is why, although I am against a minimum wage, I support strong unionization. Although they are annoying to owners and customers, they are by far the best way to guarantee that workers get the salary that they deserve.

  • How about no?

    You're not supposed to survive and support a family on minimum wage your whole life, for one.

    Two; it should be independent of government handling and instead be relegated to business owners and corporations. If they can economically afford raising their wages while providing goods and services for their target audience at an acceptable profit, then sure, they can bump it up. However, forcing every business to inflate their wages will raise the price of goods and services to compensate, causing another demand for a minimum wage raise and a spiral downward into bankruptcy.

    Economics 101.

  • Minimum wage laws are destructive and immoral

    If minimum wage was set at $10 an hour, work that was valued under that level would not exist, killing low-skill work, mostly the kind of work young people need to get to gain experience to be successful. A manager of a grocery store who was employing 40 people at $7 an hour, for $280 an hour total, will now only employ 28 people at $10 an hour. That is 12 jobs that have been lost. For these reasons minimum wage is destructive and immoral.

  • Keep it at a State Level

    I don't believe that there should be a national minimum wage. There is just way too much variation in cost of living across the country to try to set it up at a federal level. Cost of living in Massachusetts is way more than that in Alabama, not even looking at different locations within a particular state. This isn't a matter of racial harmony, etc, so each state should be left to handle their own minimum wage.

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