• Our leaders should start a new direction.

    It's time for this countries leaders to take this nation in a new direction. A direction where we take care of our fellow human beings. The 1% of the population in the USA own 99% of the wealth and money This country is entirely focused on giving money to the people that already have it. Instead of those who need it and its time for a change.

  • Yes, there should be a new leader.

    Just speaking in terms of the POTUS, I definitely think there should be a new leader. I think that the current president has done a horrible job of leading the country and should be replaced with a somebody who actually has an idea on how to save the country. I think a new leader is needed.

  • We need A Step In The Right Direction

    The government right now places taxes, regulations, and other things on industry to take a piece of a profitable market. Take the oil and car industries: The state and federal gov't see the profits being made in these sectors and they want some money from it too. They then form environmental laws and taxes, parking meters, car taxes, registration fees, traffic tickets, gas taxes, and hundreds of other regulations to take money from those who produce. Prove that it's not just safety concerns that motivates these fees? Why don't bikes pay traffic tickets? The city of San Francisco and the city of Chicago are perfect examples. Both were capitalist paradises decades ago, but now they have been taken over by a greedy government that wants a piece of the wealth these cities have created, same with New York. Regulations on chain stores, construction, and pretty much any profitable business is created in these would-be areas. That is why it costs so much to live there. The restrictions on businesses for the government's gain trickle down to the consumers just as it would happen vice versa, Rents soar, retail prices rise, and natural resources' prices skyrocket (Gasoline can cost over $4.00 in the bay area). The government keeps people from revolting by employing millions. One third of the workforce in the bay area (San Francisco area) are working for the government. And 81.2% are receiving government benefits. Welcome to socialism, and soon, Marxism. No one will revolt against a totalitarian state if they know who's signing their paychecks: the City and State. That's what the environmental concerns and economical regulations and equality laws and job creation are all about, they're building an army of yesmen, paying them off with social programs and subsidies. Gun control? Why do you think that it is so heavily enforced in the communist areas? They don't want a revolution! Why can't a man protect himself and his family? Oh, right, because he relies on the government for that. What we need is a revolution and a step in the right direction, the capitalist direction, a direction where revolution is okay and freedom is free.

  • No, our leader is taking us in a great direction.

    No, I don't think that we need a new leader or to follow a new direction. I believe our leader is doing a fine job in office. With all the hardships from the recession that happened prior to his election, Obama has tried his best to ameliorate the issues facing our nation. He is interested in helping the poor, funding new jobs, and providing health care for the nation. I think he is taking us in the right direction.

  • We need a new leader in the same direction.

    Here in the United States, we're going to need a new leader in 2016. The term limits for President limit them to two four year terms. But that new leader should be another Democrat to continue the policies of Barack Obama. We need to ensure that the mongrel Republicans can't dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

  • A new leader would turn us around.

    There should be a new leader, because an old leader advocating for a new direction is not credible. Obama has completely lost credibility on the issue of Obamacare. Obama has also made clear his stance on many things, such as high taxes for working people. We need someone else that we can trust to change things.

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