Should there be a party that is far right on social issues and far left on economic issues perhaps called the traditionalist socialist party

Asked by: MrFarRight
  • Never bad to have options

    Hey not a socialist but its not bad to have as many options when it comes to politics we should have as any opinions for parties and candidates as we can besides the party would probably describe itself as centerist even though they just connected the far ends and that would be kinda funny

  • Far left Economically, Maybe. Far Right socially, No

    Ok, So traditionalist socialist doesn’t go well together. It’s not like black and white, More like dark grey and white. Traditionalist socialist wouldn’t work out very well and it would probably split within a few months. Anyways far right is 99% of the time a bad thing and far left and far right together would be chaos.

  • Wouldn't work ehh

    The problem being far right on social issues it one thing. It stops all progress. All we have to do is sort of look at the middle east or North Korea. People would revolt, If they wouldn't revolt the smarter people will leave. Companies will leave. Far right fails more socially.

    As for the far left economic, I'd also say no. Does the US need a bit more social spending. Yes other countries have mastered it. But we need to bit a be smarter at it. The USA is too far economically, That at times boarders fascism. Or something worse, Corporatism.

  • The Chinese already tried this.

    China's communist party started these gender education camps where men were indoctrinated into traditional male roles and women were indoctrinated into traditional female roles. This was met with opposition from the general public and so China gave up and shut the camps down. They prioritize their people's happiness. Traditional social roles and leftist economic policy don't mix. There is a link between leftist economic values and progressivism/equality.

    If you want your children to understand the value of light traditional values and social values, You can't be overbearing about it. This goes for anything. Part of the reason why so many conservative teens exist is because progressive parents try too hard to force their feminist values and such on their children.

  • Far left economically are you crazy?

    Have you seen what the left has been doing to the economy? And do you see how much more damage they want to do? Biden’s already killed jobs due to stupidly high spending, The current left wants the green new deal which will obliterate the economy and in fact Biden’s already put us back in the climate Paris agreement, He’s already going back to bribing Iran. Not to mention wants insane socialism the idea that have failed ever since the medieval ages. The only reason it BARELY works in the Scandinavian countries is because they don’t have a huge military budget (they’re protected by us). Oh not to mention Medicare for all that would lead to rationing healthcare because too many kids go in for the sniffles or funny arm instead of just toughing it out. The far left does not understand the most basic of basic economics. Oh let’s also not forget how they want to regulate everything to death

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