• What you must be blind to

    What you must be blind to is the fact that a presidential race is actually one giant debate between not just one person but actually an entire nation. Basically what i am saying is that in a presidential race not only are the two competitors running against each other but also the people of the country(website) are debating each other over who would be better. When say the american candidates were going at it they debated over who would be the better person to run the country. Teachers were arguing that mitt romney would be better at president for such and such reasons and parents would say Obama would be better for these reasons and then there were the other side candidates that were there pretty much just for show or for an office

  • That's not what this website is for.

    I don't know much about the whole "DDO Presidency" race, but it seems pretty irrelevant to me. It's not as if the winner is going to get some special access to the site. When you boil it down, it's a popularity race between two people. There is nothing to gain by winning nor losing. This website is for debating each other and learning how to become a better debater, not being the president of the site or some silly position (ex: Forum Ambassador).

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Reeseroni says2014-12-15T05:54:43.050
There already was...