• Tired, go to bed, don't drive.

    Its common in the trucking industry to hear about only being able to work so many hours driving before pulling your rig off the road at a rest stop for some good ole fashion sleep. Now why do you think that is? Well I would put my money on the fact me, nor my family would want to share the highway with an 18 wheeler carrying God knows what and whose at the controls of it all? An over worked and under slept driver! They say driving tired is just as bad if not worse than driving drunk. We all got to get places but the dead can't go anywhere. Tired isn't going to make you productive simply because you have a deadline. Whether you like it or not part of taking care of yourself and your fellow drivers is to maintain good habits of only driving when you are awake and alert. If you cannot manage your car, truck, motorcycle any better than a drunk because you are simply too tired to function, that my friends is having your driving impaired and should be punishable under state laws.

  • No, that is too vaguely defined

    There should not be a punishment for driving while tired because determining if someone is tired or not is way too subjective. What someone might consider tired might be different from the next person. Also, there is not a way to prove that someone is beyond some "tiredness limit" because how tired you are is not quantifiable.

  • No Proof To Punish

    I do not believe there should be a punishment for driving while tired. The reason I have a problem with this is the fact that there is no proof that a person is tired at any given point therefore the deciding factors for punishment would be completely subjective. I believe a policy like this would give law enforcement the advantage and I also think it could easily be used unfairly.

  • There should be no punishment for driving while tired

    As strongly as I may support punishment for people who are driving and tired, I need to put aside my emotions and realize that most people are in this category. There are many people who have many responsibilities outside their life apart from work, and they need to be in many places. They do need to be accountable if an accident occurs when they are tired, but not punished in court.

  • Kind of unfair given the circumstances of many

    Overtime, night work, and irregular shift work doesn't help hard workers concentrate properly. These people have kids to feed, and bills to pay so they sometimes have to work long days and tired journeys back. They can't help that. If we punish them for that, then do you think their bosses at work will accept the excuse they cant lawfully come into work was because they were tired? They'd get the sack!

  • No laws against tired driving.

    There are too many reasons why tired people are on the roadway and unless society completely changes, it's going to continue to be this way. People work too many hours. People are exhausted from raising their kids. Some people have insomnia or other sleeping problems. Unless we can all be compensated to stay home when we're tired, tired driving should remain legal.

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