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  • They should not need a recount.

    Many of the people calling for a recount are just bitter that their candidate lost. I think it is ridiculous that there is so much commotion about the election. Many of the protesters didn't even vote. While they have every right to protest they should at least do some research about things and look at the other side first.

  • There should not be a roecount of the presidential election.

    Recounts are costly and time consuming and should only be employed in the rare occasion that the vote is in doubt. The difference in vote between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton in the three states that are being considered for a recount is too much to justify a count. Further, Clinton has already conceded the election and it is time to move on and make way for the Trump Administration.

  • It is a waste of time.

    Trump won in key states by larger margins than have ever been overcome in a recount. There would have to be some serious fraud going on in order to return a different winner than the states did on election night. This is just a strategy to stall and to prevent Trump from becoming President by use of force.

  • The presidential election should not be recounted.

    A recount of the presidential election would only succeed in dividing an already divided country further. It is very unlikely that the results of the election would change as a result of a recount. It is time to just accept the results of the election and hope for the best for America.

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