Should there be a reserved political position for women?

  • Women have rights too.

    When it comes to politics, I think women tend be frowned upon a bit more then the men. I think at times politics can be a very sexes world to get involved. That being said, I think women should have the right to remain in politics. The first amendment right gives everyone their freedom of speech.

  • No this is backwards thinking

    A large problem with today's society is that we try too hard to not be sexist or racist. We shouldn't be creating positions for people just because they are of some sort of minority. When considering a political position we should look at the most qualified candidate no matter their sex or color of their skin.

  • No, women should earn it.

    No, there should not be a reserved political position for a woman, because the women should earn their position just like everyone else. If a position is reserved for a woman, it will not mean much and will more likely just be a figurehead that people do not respect. Women should earn their positions and earn respect along with it. They can do anything the men can do.

  • No Reserved Political Position for Women

    Having a reserved political position for women makes absolutely no sense. No position is reserved for men after all. Without a doubt, members of both genders should be eligible for all political positions in order to push equality among the sexes. Our country has a problem with letting women into politics, but various figures are breaking these barriers.

  • No, we shouldn't place favors on politics.

    Even though I'm a female, I firmly believe that we should not make it mandatory that a woman be in politics, and should not reserve a specific position for a female. Women should feel free to be involved in politics, but they need to get there the same way as men do, by campaigning and being successful in their political careers. It's almost demeaning to set something like that in place, since it implies that women would otherwise not be able to get to the top.

  • No, defiantly not!

    I believe that if a woman gets a political position, then she needs to have earned it. I am a woman and I know there is bias against women in office. If there is a reserved position available for women, that makes us look weak. It also appears biased. We need to show men that we can win office and do a better or equal job than a man would do!

  • No there should not be any specific political position "reserved" for a female.

    The American political system is based upon freedom of choice as guaranteed by the United Stated Constitution. If a specific political (elected) position was gender restricted it would violate Constitutionally guaranteed rights to "due process of law" and "equal protection." There is no compelling reason for restricting any elected position by gender.

  • I am a woman and I am agains't it.

    You get a positin because you EARN it, regardless of color, race, religion etc.. If we give these special treatment to women how is it really equal? How is that equality when some get special treatment because of their gender? I believe there is PLENTY of qualified women who can run for office without needing any position to be "reserved for them"

  • No, it shows inequality.

    Some may think that it shows inequality but in some other ways, it does not. It is unfair for men and it infers that women are slightly not qualified for the position because they try less than other men and there could be a more qualified man for the position.

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