• The gold standard was the best measure.

    There should be a return to the Gold Standard. This is because it was the best way to protect against inflation. To be more detailed, it ensured that the U.S. wasn't just "printing money," Coming up with funds that really didn't have a basis or value behind them. The gold standard ensured our bills were proof of actual value in the economy.

  • No more inflation.

    Yes, there should be a return to the Gold Standard, because that would be a good way to stop inflation. Without the gold standard, the currency is only as good as the paper that it is printed on. We have to make sure that our currency stays valid, and that other countries trust we will not inflate our way into bankruptcy.

  • Yes There Should

    I believe there should be return to the Gold Standard. I believe fiat money is dangerous and it causes problems with the economy. It is simply more risky. I think the move away from the gold standard was a huge mistake that should be corrected as soon as possible. The American Dollar could be worthless in the blink of an eye.

  • Gold is Ornamental Metal

    Gold is an ornamental metal used as a conductor of electricity in industrial processes. Aside from those two uses, gold is fairly worthless. It's value is based upon a human perception that the deep yellow color that shines in sunlight is somehow mystical and brilliant. Is this symbology something we should base the value of currency upon? The value of gold is simply a flawed perception--its most visible use is in jewelry, which is merely ornamental in the first place.

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