• Sure the sandy hoax actors could make more money

    The sandy hook shooting didn't happen. I'm sure "Robbie" and "gene" would love to exploit kids some more and make more money off it that is if people haven't donated enough to the fake cause. If you go to veterans today and look at top 10 reasons sandy hook was an elaborate hoax you'll see what in mean.

  • It's definitely too soon now, but one day, there'll probably be a movie, and that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

    Tragedies are a part of history. They leave their mark on a generation and can never be forgotten, no matter how much we'd like to. Books and movies about tragedy, at their best, can shed light in a very powerful way on a topic that most people are afraid to talk about (or, in the long-term, weren't even born when it happened). Think about all the literature and film centered around, for example, the Holocaust. That kind of stuff takes you back in time and puts you in other people's shoes, and ideally, reminds you, "This happened and it's up to all of us to make sure this stuff doesn't happen again." I doubt a production company would even touch a Sandy Hook screenplay unless it was one written with the utmost tact and respect-- and even then, they would undoubtedly have to be very cautious in producing it. Regardless, considering that there still hasn't even been a movie about Columbine yet-- aside from a couple films that were very, very loosely based on it-- I think a Sandy Hook movie isn't gonna be happening for quite some time.

  • Not yet anyway

    They most likely will in the future but its too soon right now. Families still trying to move on to see a commercial for a movie about their loved ones tragic death. I couldn't handle it. Maybe 20 years time. It is a part of our history and it should be shared but not now

  • No, there should not!

    I think the surviving family members of the Sandy Hook tragedy are struggling to move on with their lives without the everyday reminder that they lost a beloved family member. Making a movie will just re-open healing wounds and make the healing process that much more difficult to get over. In addition, no one should make a profit off of such a horrific tragedy.

  • Sandy Hook has been covered!

    The killings at the Sandy Hook School were tragic. The media has covered to story extensively. PBS has focused most of a week with shows related to gun violence and this particular tragedy. No good purpose would be served by making a movie about this terrible event. The is no good reason to make the movie.

  • No. Leave them alone.

    No, let the victims rest in peace, It would be in poor taste to the victim's families and they would have to relive the whole thing all over again. The families deserve their privacy and the movie producers should stop looking to make a profit off a horrid tragedy. Leave it alone.

  • They Shouldn't Make A Movie

    The should not make a movie about the Sandy Hook incident. That would mean they are making a profit off of people that suffered. That is wrong in my eyes. People are trying to forget what happened and move on. Making a movie about what happened isn't going to help that.

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