• There are many aspects to the story that are yet to be uncovered

    People believe that there is no link between ico and sotc but the ending of sotc gives us a horned baby that i believe that was the start of the horned child bloodline eventually leading to ico thousands of years after so mono and the boy must have escaped. Not only this but the ending seemed incomplete.. Dormin was defeated so easily and i say in some way dormin lives. I also believe there is a way to make a game envolving the baby who grows up to be a fierce warrior and solving the mystery of monos "cursed fate" maybe it can involve a story about saving mono through another spell, once again by toppling more colossi in a new bigger more mysterious land.

  • Yes please we need another

    This game was amazing from all accounts I have heard of. I have not been able to get the game itself but have seen videos online and sent to me by good friends and it looks amazing, and the storyline itself is compelling. I definitly recommend that people should get it or even watch someone play it and then they too will agree

  • Yes there should be.

    Shadow of colossus was such a great game with an awesome story line. The way it ended was terrible so i surely thought there was going to be a part two. There was so much room for a part two and more ideas because any thing could have happened after the end.

  • No, it's unnecessary.

    While Shadow of the Colossus is my favorite game of all time, I think it does not need a sequel. For one thing, how could there be a sequel when all of the colossi are dead at the end of the story, this means there would be no Colossi to fight in a sequel. And in the end, Wander is transformed into a horned baby which could be a connection to the game "Ico", so it's possible that Shadow of the Colossus is a prequel to Ico.

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