• Wait should be shorter

    Many of these people are trying to get out of poverty. Section 8 is their hopefully one-way ticket out, The people who disagree are uneducated. What landlords don't get it that 70% of the rent is guaranteed by the government. Also, Most of the tenants don't destroy or turn the apartments into crap. They only want a better life for their families. It is the stigma that is carried with section 8 housing, And the people who disagree are only fueling it with their uneducated and disrespectful attitudes. Section 8 housing only covers 1/4 of families who actually need it. Wait times should be less.

  • Seciton 8 housing should have no wait

    People that cannot afford housing need not be put on a waiting list. They need a home now. Asking them to wait for a place to live will often result in homelessness. If they don't end up homeless, they might be forced into dangerous situations. This is not one or two people either. These are families. Families should not be forced to live in a dangerous situation due to government bureaucracy.

  • No, Its all supply and demand.

    No, their cant be a shorter wait for section 8, because their are so many people in need of this service. Their should be a greater number of other programs put in place that offer services while people wait. We should all do what we can to help make people lives better.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I believe Section 8 is one of the worst social programs the United States has. This program has ruined neighborhoods and ruined apartment complexes. People who are given free housing do not attempt to maintain property as homeowners are forced to and I think it is a grave disservice to the people who are given housing. I agree some people need help with housing, but to just hand it out with an even shorter wait time is unjust.

  • Section 8 is joke

    The reason why there is a long wait for section 8 is because many property owners do not want to rent their hard earned properties to unrespectful and ungrateful people. There is reason why section 8 has a bad name. The people inhabit section 8 housing have no respect for the property and cause unnecessary damage without care. The government also dictates the price of the rental. There should not be a shorter wait for section 8 because people should be able to provide for themselves.

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