Should There Be a Sin Tax on Soda, similar to what we have on alcohol and cigarettes?

Asked by: stschiffman
  • It's Very Hamful

    I'm not against drinking soda, all I'm saying is that a simple sin tax won't hurt too much. It will probably pressure less people to drink soda, but it won't do much harm to anybody.

    Obesity is an epidemic in America, if our solution isn't to even have a sin tax, then what is the solution?

  • We do need Soda Tax

    The soda is not food, this is drink is full of burnt sugar. Yeah, I like soda but it can give you stones. I hate it when they mention it's bad and not healthy (that's obvious). I think of it as a chemical because if you put soda on a car's engine it's going to eat up the battery acid. Think of what is going to do with our body. Now, the point of this is yes we do need soda tax.

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    i love Gaturade!!!!!! By the way if you dont know i love gaturade

  • We tony need this in our lives

    We all drink soda and we like it so why bother and have soda taxes. If you want soda tax then just don't drink soda. Its not that hard. M m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m

  • We don't need soda tax.

    No, I don't think we need a tax on soda because none of the other junk foods are taxed so why should soda be taxed? It's not going to help make a person choose healthier choices. If they want the soda, they are going to buy it even if it is taxed. Also, if they tax sodas then companies may have to lay off workers or they may go out of business.

  • A "Soda Tax" Would not cure obesity

    People who buy soda and are not obese would drink other, non sugary drinks. Causing more people to become or prone to Obesity. Also, the economym would suffer as well because people would buy soda less causing Soda companies to lose money or even become bankrupt and close down. The End

  • We don't need the soda tax

    The soda tax is a way to get money. The people don't care of the tax. Soda is good for building up the bodies blood sugar. All we need to do is to stay away from sugary drinks. So this is what I think about the soda tax to this day.

  • The soda tax is not going to do anything

    People are not going to stop just because of a soda tax. When people will suffer later after drinking all that soda. Some people don't even care about the future. They might even shorten their lives when they drink that much soda. So this is why a think we should not have the soda tax.

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