Should there be a "spam" category for opinions?

Asked by: spamhunta12
  • Yes of course.

    There are peoples who says things like a a aa aa a a a a a a a d a da d awd aws a daw da ws a daw daw da da wdawd a daw d a a d ad aw da d ad a . Pizzas are good pizzas are good pizzas are good.
    Then submit these answer everywhere. Even in a completely unrelated topics. Aren't you already get annoyed by this?

  • Sure, why not?

    The people on the No category are talking how this isn't a site for spam. For evidence, I would like to present every opinion, poll, and debate that could be considered spam. Even the funny section is not enough to stop this spamming, which is why we need a section for it, Having a whole section dedicated to it gives people who like that stuff a chance to post, and it doesn't clog up the rest of the opinion s category.

  • Take a Look at the Opinions and Polls Page

    When I logged on today, there were two opinions and polls repeating several times. Site administrators should be able to move a topic to the spam box if it is repeated over and over. No person should have to go to the next page to get to real, meaningful content!

  • Sure, why not?

    If anything, it could be done as an in-depth sociology study. I've already done a demographic study, and it mostly appears to be two Chinese firms, one Indian firm for movers and packers, and a South African witch-doctor group.
    Any deviation would identify a new group to slap down with extreme prejudice.

  • I am in support

    This website is filled with annoying spam by trolls who don't take this place seriously. Even adding the "funny" section doesn't stop them. If we add a spam category then those who appreciate this place will be better able to use it, and we wont have to waste time reporting people as much as we do now.

  • Opinions Can be Wrong

    Just because you think it doesn't mean it's right! But of course, to be in a debate it doesn;t have to be. However, it sjould have to be logical, or reasonable. For example on Gun Control, you could say people shouldn't have guns, should have guns, or should have Anthrax. The last opinion would be unreasonable, and has no place in a legitimate debate.

  • No spam allowed.

    This is a site about issues and peoples opinions on them, not a site to place free adds or to scam others. Not sure but if they openly allowed spam, they may be held liable for any damage or fraud.
    If they had a spam category, it would likely be ignored and having it would not stop people from putting spam in other categories.

  • No just no

    Everyone has a right to a opinion - freedom of speech - because of this right the world has become a better place even though at the time that opinion may not have been appreciated. For example Martin Luther king. I know that it is not completely in relation but you can see where i am coming from. Opinions cannot be categorized as "spam". And this website is for debates and showing your opinions. It is your opinion if one opinion should count as spam but it is an opinion. Your opinion should not be spammed and neither should the opinion you want to have as spam. It is wrong especially for a website were you express your opinion

  • If there was a spam category, then

    1. This site would be spam.
    2. The Privacy Statement says

    "We at Debate.Org do not and will not send spam emails to email addresses entered into our website from one of our services. We will only use customer email addresses to contact and fulfill the services requested. We hold to a very strict no spam policy, since we are very much against spam ourselves. We do not sell, rent, share, trade, or give away any of your personally identifiable information except when we have your permission, in cases where you are expressly informed otherwise."

    3. is not about spam. It's about debates. Opinions and forums lead to debates. And maybe some polls.

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