• Smog That Can Be Heard

    Noise, whether it is music or the by- product of the activities in repairing a city or landscaping, can always do damage and creates what is known as noise pollution; there should always be a limit to the pollution in an area. Excessive noise damages the receptors in the auditory nerve system that picks up higher volume sounds and causes people later in life to be unable to understand one another. More importantly, noise pollution also affects the environments around it including animals and plants. Animals and plants use noises, as humans do, as means of communicating which include alerting other animals to oncoming danger, the presence of good food and safety, and most importantly a readiness and place to mate. If noise pollution permeates areas then these species will have their patterns of proper communication interrupted which could mean displacement from safe dwellings, loss of a means to a food supply, or an inability to determine when it is safest and best to mate. After that, a species could face extinction which directly affects the rest of the web of life on earth and shifts humanity’s ability to survive. With both the effects on human auditory damage (and sleep deprivation as has been recorded on many an occasion) and the effects on the environment itself, noise pollution may not be able to be stopped entirely, but it can be curbed and controlled by lessening and implementing/enforcing legal issues as well.

  • Yes, for residential areas

    While I believe in personal freedom, the issue with noise pollution is that your freedom to make noise interferes with another person's ability to sleep. We should have a time at night after which loud noises must stop, or you the person making those noises should face some sort of a fine.

  • Yes, I believe there should be a time limit in which excessive noise should be cut off.

    I believe that inside a crowded apartment or city where there are people in close proximity that after a certain time at night time excessive noise should be forbidden it is only fair to those trying to get some sleep before going to work the next day I think that is the most considerate way.

  • Yes, and absolutely.

    There is a specific tie in which excessive noise should be cut off. This should vary city by city and culture to culture, of course. But, too much noise keeps children from getting enough sleep for school and adults getting enough sleep for work. It's an absolute detriment to workers.

  • We all need to sleep.

    Yes, there should be a specific time in which excessive noise should be cut off, because all people should be able to sleep in peace in their home or apartment. Most people sleep at night, so night is an appropriate time to shut everything off. Loud music is a form of harassment.

  • Only if the community and its elected officials vote for it.

    You could have a bunch of people who love loud noise late into the night all living in the same town. Then such a regulation would be silly. The minority who prefers things quiet would do well to move elsewhere. There isn't a single right or wrong for this question. It depends on what the community wants. That way people can move to a place that better suits their interests.

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